Did we descend from Adam and Eve(Yes) or evolve from apes(no)?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • We descended from Adam and Eve

    The Christian Bible is correct. We descended from Adam and Eve. The creationist theory also explains the origin of races. Adam and Eve were both white, And so was their third son Seth and at least one of their daughters. Some of their other children were not white. Noah was white because he descended from Seth. He had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem married a white woman, Ham married a black woman, And Japheth married a red woman. Noah divided the world between these three sons, And cursed Ham with slavery after he saw his father naked. Western Europeans look like Shem. Native Americans look like Japheth. Africans look like Ham. Gypsies from Balkan Europe are Shemites that mixed with some Japhethites. North East Asians are Japhethites that mixed with some Shemites. Arabs are Shemites that mixed with some Hamites. Indians are Hamites that mixed with some Shemites. Malays from south east Asia are Japhethites that mixed with some Hamites. And Bushmen from Oceania are Hamites that mixed with some Japhethites. Biblical people like the ancient Egyptians, Israelites and Jesus Christ were all white, Because the white descendants of Shem lived in the middle east and north east Africa at that time. Evolution and the big bang theory make no sense. We did not come from monkeys. God made us like Him.

  • You are not smart.

    Lets do the math.
    If we use population growth and a normal growth rate it is impossible for humans to have existed for hundreds of thousands of years.
    The math indicates that There was some event that reduced the population to very low numbers(the flood)
    Erosion rates do not add up to millions of years.
    The moon cannot have existed a million years ago.
    The snow layers in the north and south poles do not match millions of years and a plane that was lost in the snow actually disproved that layers were added annually.
    Languages creation is still not explained.
    Why was the blood and soft tissue of a dinosaur found still existing to this day? A million of years would have decayed it.

    It does not matter whatever proof or found evidence is found. You people will never admit that evolution is false. You need something to believe in and you will ignore anything that disproves it.
    You are ignorant ones that are closed minded.

  • There is no proof of human evolution

    All we find are bones of extinct chimps and primates. We cannot find a transitional fossil that changed it spine location and changed it pelvis and changed its hands and feet.
    Ape DNA is NOT the same as Human DNA. They actually DOCTORED put two DNA Pairs together to look like one but that is not how DNA works Human DNA is different from Primate DNA.
    Why did people lose hair if hair would have been needed to go to colder regions?
    We are crocodiles the same if evolution is suppose to force everything to change? Not just crocodiles but plenty of other fossils have remained unchanged. Could it just be that evolution never happens?
    There are genetic mutations and founder effects but that is not evolution at all. Micro changes to the cell will not give birth to a higher being just a slightly different one.
    Scientist still cannot even create or observe evolution in a heavily doctored primordial soup.
    You cannot create higher order with randomness only disorder.
    Intelligent design is needed.

  • Adam and Eve

    Which would you rather be descended from? Primitive animals that fling feces at each other? Or a long lineage that was populated by two people and their incestuous children? Back then, Incest did not have a negative impact on the children. It was just as normal as non-closely related relationships. It is disgusting to us now because sin has tainted the world and inbreeding causes complications and genetic defects now. And the love between a brother and sister was likely platonic then as it was now. Inbreeding was a necessary and marriages may not have been romantic. Since incest is abhorrent to us now, We prefer not to think about the exact circumstances of our genisis but at least we came from a line of humans and not indignant apes.

  • Adam & Eve

    The Bible is correct. Evolution and the Big Bang don't exist. The whole Universe was created by God. Humans were created by God. And animals were created by God. God created the sun, The earth, The moon, The stars, The planets in our solar system and in other star systems.

  • Begone Religitards plz and thanks

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  • Anthropology and Genetics Confirm

    We know humans share a common ancestor with modern apes because of Chromosome 2, Which shows a fusion of two smaller chromosomes found in other apes with vestigial telomeres and centromere included. Also, ERV sequences and pseudogenes match between humans and other apes with at least 95% congruence.

    Anthropology and paleontology also show human evolution. A continuum of transitional species have been discovered, Including Australopithecus and Homo habilis. By comparison, The narrative of humans descending from just two common ancestors just doesn't work. There is no evidence of a genetic bottleneck of that size in humans, Nor is there anyway just two people would have enough genetic diversity to produce our current population.

  • Hate to break it to you, Were still Apes.

    Humans are a species of Great apes that branched off from an ancestor population millions of years ago, Please stop with the biblical shet, This is not a debate anymore so then flat earth vs common sense and empirical evidence gdf fg gh fh h fh f hfgh f g

  • Evolved From Primitive Beings.

    The Adam and Eve story doesn't make sense. If we were all made from 2 people, We look very similar to each other but we don't. We have Blacks, Whites, Asians, Etc, All with different blood types, Physical abilities, Mindset, Etc. We are different from each other in many, Many ways. We have seen evolution in many species that further proves that we too evolved. We see incest as something that should not be encouraged but Adam and Eve had children that I am sure hate to mate with each other. Something like this would be seen as normal even to this day but it isn't. We are very closely related to apes and have found bones and fossils of those apes. We have seen their evolution using those fossils and bones and how they slowly started to look like us. Nothing points to Adam and Eve.

  • Adam and eve of course!

    That's the name of the two prehistoric apes that boned. One of them descended on the other. I'm not sure who started it but many scientists suspect it was eve because she couldn't help but be tempted by the snake hanging between adam's legs. Personally i think they were both swinging on branches, Crossed paths and adam accidentally crashed inside eve who later claimed she was raped and had to leave her baby with a pack of wolves.

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Starlord616 says2020-09-15T11:33:52.687
This is just another way of asking wether Christianity is true or not. The problem with this question and others similar to it is that it asks for evidence to faith based lifestyles which completely destroys the whole purpose of religion in the first place. I belive that in this scenario the truth truly does not matter and anyone can choose to belive what they wish irrelevant of the amount of evidence for and against their opinion.

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