• We expected titanfall to do two incompatible things.

    Titanfall has made one great, amazing innovation. Enhanced movement. Wall running and jetpacking around makes all players feel very mobile and extremely nimble. Your mind will scan the environment, looking for different paths to take. You can completely ignore some buildings, and hop around others.

    And that is the problem. You see the traditional way of controlling the pace and intensity of combat in a multilayer FPS is map flow. Map flow is how the map and its lines of sight shape the movement and fire patterns of players.

    Maps are used to keep game play fresh,which is why there are so many DLC map packs out there. They allow the developers to shape game layer and vary the experience.

    However in titanfall, there is no map flow. Walls and other sight obstructions can simply be ignored. And that means that almost all maps feel the same.

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