• Yes we did

    We learned that criminals do not care for the law and will break it when they wish to.

    No law can prevent any psychopath from killing spree or aquire weapon illegally. No law can prevent a massacre. The only thing that can stop such person is one or several people who are highly trained for such extreme situations. You cannot prevent sick and demented evil with words. You can only prevent evil with acts. Also you cannot leave children helpless at the place of opportunity where criminals most likely to strike without protection of a trained individual. Also get rid of those "Firearms Prohibited" signs because they mean nothing but "Attack Here. Helpless Victims Inside."

  • We learned a lot from Newtown.

    We learned to treasure our children all the time because we never know when some crazy person could take them away. We learned that our teachers are heroes in their own right. We learned to see the warning signs in children who ARE disturbed and listen to them, help them. We learned that sickness does not discriminate and you can be 6 or 60 and a single bullet can take your life. Our teachers are underpaid and under appreciated. They put their lives on the line everyday they step put in a school.

  • We Learned a Number of Things From Newtown

    First and foremost we further cemented the blatant knowledge, that we have a sitting Presidential administration that will jump at the first opening to steal away the freedoms, constitutionally guaranteed in our nation, all in a media driven propaganda hype to further advance of their own cause.
    Secondly we learned that, although the 2nd amendment is an indispensable right for each American citizen, current application of the amendment does not go far enough to insure that these rights to bear arms, do not make weapons so easily accessible to mentally unstable persons, or others who would have designs on perpetrating such horrible acts given the opportunity.
    We learned we have a private interest party called the NRA, who for about as much reason as the Presidential administration, holds it’s ground - without possibility of compromise - even though that position is obviously contrary to the good of the nation as a whole.
    Most of all we learned from Newtown, that our country is at a delicate crossroads, where compromise and wise choices seem like a faint cloud, blown off in the distance. So sad that more good could not come from the heartrending loss of lives that resulted from the tragedy. Too bad indeed.

  • We did not learn much!

    Well, that is not exactly correct.
    -- --
    We learned how really powerful one man is in the NRA – Wayne LaPierre. We learned how powerful the NRA lobbyists are; so powerful that they can buy politicians, both Republicans and Democrats to protect the gun industry, and not protect the people. We learned that many of our politicians are two-faced liars, telling us one thing and filling their campaign coffers, and most likely their back pockets with donations from gun manufacture lobbyists. We learned that some politicians lie and blame the lack of more gun control on the increased number of murders in their big cities, but fail to mention that the biggest contributor to the increased murder rate in their cities is the Black and Mexican gang violence that could be stopped overnight if National Guard were put on every corner in the black and Mexican areas and 10 pm curfews put in effect for everyone under 21, e.G., in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego, etc. The murder rates in those big cities would drop by 50% within a month, and by 75% within six months. But, that is racial profiling and discrimination. Hogwash! The whole system is turning in to hogwash!

  • Society did not learn anything from the Newtown tragedy.

    It is unfortunate but these days people have a short memory. Terrible things happen all the time and these things happen again and again, over and over. No matter how terrible something is that hits the news the public soon forgets. Newtown created an uproar about gun issues and has since been all but forgotten only four months later.

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