• Yes, it had a role in preventing Hillary from winning.

    Many voters developed an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton after it was discovered that she used a private email server while Secretary of State. To these voters, such a decision was both a breach of trust in the public and a security risk that could have been prevented. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, denied that the decision to release confidential documents from Clinton's term as Secretary of State was not intended to damage her chances of winning, yet it reintroduced the American public to the email question, after it had been settled in July of last year. It also reinvigorated the public's distrust of an already controversial candidate.

  • Wikileaks influenced the U.S. election

    No question about it, Wikileaks influenced the U.S. election. And in a good way because it exposed the lying fraud Hillary for the lying fraud that she is. We certainly can't count on the mainstream media to give us the truth, and Wikileaks seems more than willing to help. Thank goodness it worked.

  • E-mails Scandals Abound

    Wikileaks released reams of e-mails about the Democrats and, specifically, Hillary Clinton. The constant deluge in the news media of e-mail scandals probably kept the main controversy of Clinton's e-mail server in people's minds. Had Wikileaks not released so many "e-mail" leaks, then the main scandal may have dwindled a bit.

  • It was Hillary's health.

    Ultimately, the election did not come down to anything that had to do with Clinton or the email servers. Most people knew that she wouldn't be prosecuted. Wikileaks tried to interfere, but ultimately it was not the issue that voters were concerned with. Rather, people were worried about Clinton's health. She is obviously very sick.

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