Did Wikileaks information have a significant impact on Afghanistan?

  • Wikileaks information had a significant impact on Afghanistan.

    The information revealed in the Wikileaks documents had a significant impact on the Afghan War. Names revealed in the documents put many American assets in danger and had a negative impact on the war. Assange himself is a terrorist and that is why he is being sought by the international police.

  • So far it's been a disappointment

    Wikileaks was featured on every news station for weeks and even months, constantly talking about this big reveal of top secret information. While a lot of the information released was interesting and revealed a lot of secrets about the United States I do not feel any of it had a major impact on anything in Afghanistan. Most of the stuff revealed was pretty much already expected and believed to have been true. Wikileaks just offered proof of what people already thought.

  • Wikileaks information did not have a significant impact on Afghanistan.

    Wikileaks information did not have a significant impact on Afghanistan. It was the biggest leak of private information in history however most of the documents were revealed after the war in Afghanistan. I do not believe that the leaked information made much of an impact on Afghanistan but it was something that should not have gotten out.

  • Wikileaks Didn't Impact Afghanistan

    Unfortunately, the Wikileaks documents didn't have a significant impact upon Afghanistan. Although the documents revealed a lot of information on America's operations in the country, the release didn't lead to major changes in that country or even Iraq. The United States goverment suffered plenty of embarrassment with the leaks, though.

  • Afghanistan War Was Already Won

    By the time the WikiLeaks information on Afghanistan came out thanks to former Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, the war in Afghanistan was already won. The only thing Americans are waiting for now is for our troops to come home by the end of 2014. WikiLeaks, though it tries to be significant, has nothing on the NSA. True classified information would never be available to a low-level military intelligence officer serving in Iraq.

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