• She was a strong swimmer

    He wasn't around and she was a fit, strong swimmer. How do you just drown in your own pool? There must've been foul play. Plus, he was convicted of murder once before about three weeks before the Wonderland murders. It was a very publicized case and although he denied it, the evidence was overwhelming. But like most celebrities he had a phenomenal legal team to get him through.

  • Captain Kirk killed his wife.

    It wasn't possible to charge Shatner with murder because he had his wife's body cremated the following day before a proper autopsy could be performed, yet the EMS team that attended the 911 call Shatner made, logged bruises and abrasions and a broken vertebrae in her neck/back as injuries to her body. The circumstances of Shatner's wife's death don't add up into anything other than highly suspicious. Captain Kirk is a murderer.

  • Another Hollywood murder by passed by Celeb fame and money.

    I really like this guy. So when I initially heard the story I felt bad for him, then once more details came into light I realized that he delayed , not because he was in shock , because he was thinking on what he would say.That is what liar do, that is what murderers do that want to get rid of their wife. If he gets a divorce then he looks like an arrogant donkay butt, but if she drowns , because she is "so dependent " that is would seem legit. His face lies, his actions lie. His poor wife and her family, but one it will come out. Because , someone knows, the arrogant ones always tell somebody. Kittykritic

  • I would say guilty

    His early Priceline commercials were funny and a bit bumbling, however, his latest commercials with his "daughter" are not funny in the least but have a rather sinister tone. In many of the scenes, his eyes are almost diabolical. He displays a quality that appears to be controlled rage just under the surface. He has the demeanor of a very volatile person.

  • He did it.

    Too much evidence pointing toward it, and unfortunately the real evidence that existed he got rid of the next day ...In cremating the body. He is a very smart and diabolical man that didn't want to let go of his money in a costly divorce.
    The fact is ..The department doesn't want to pursue this without the body as evidence. Case closed. But Shatner is still alive, and most narcissist sociopaths usually do something else to prove this fact later on. He can do it again, because he will feel he can again get away with it. They can't resist getting away with something again, because their thinking is that they are smarter than anyone else and will win out.

  • Captain Kirk Killed Her.

    Being Captain Kirk has made Shatner schitzophrenic. No one knows where the Star Trek character and the real man seperate, He guards his baldness obsessively and wont admit to being bald. He's even carefully destroyed all known photos that show him without a full head of hair. His wife was going to expose the fact that Shatner wore a toupee, which would also ruin Captain Kirk's image.

  • He Killed Her

    When this happened years ago and the 911 recording was first aired, I immediately knew something was wrong. I haven't heard that recording in years, but I can still clearly recall two major flags: During the call he yells out "my poor wife!" that is some serious poor acting. Secondly, he hangs up on the 911 operator. Who would do that except someone who wanted to limit the recording of the call. Other very guilty murderers have also done this. And lastly, I am the furthest away from those conspiracy theorists. I never believe all that stuff, but no one had to convince me of this. This felt so wrong from the first time I listened to that call.

  • I've heard him talk about this on the Howard Stern Show.

    He came across to me as a lying actor, with the motive opportunity, and temperament to kill his wife. He is a control freak, and always wants his way, on Star Trek, and in life. Every other actor on Star Trek who spoke on this subject described him in this manner, and his explanation on Howard was very unconvincing to me. A Jew cremating his wife? Yeah, right.

  • Did William Shatner kill his wife?

    He is a control freak whom resented her alcoholism and impending divorce. He thinks with his popularity as Capt. Kirk and TV commercials he is above the law; I say behind this sham hides a murderer. I'm sure of it. There is evidence concerning the lies about his whereabouts that will further corroborate this.

  • Died of neck injuries

    The coroner listed her death as "neck injuries and accidental drowning" also why would he call 911 and just leave his wife at the bottom of the pool? Listen to the 911 recording... The 911 operator tells him to get her out of the pool and he basically fake cries and leaves her in the pool.

  • Spock killed Kirks wife

    From the time Shatner got married Leonard Nimoy had been filled with jealousy. He tirelessly stalked the couple formulating plans along the way. By the time his opportunity arose it didn't matter that they were getting divorced, this woman had ruined his bond which was his entire life. Shatners wife was drunk when Nimoy Vulcan death pinched her and threw her in the pool exacting his revenge and restoring his bond with the captain.

  • Captain Kirk is innocent

    I can't see William Shatner killing his own wife ..... He is a good man and role model and he has given so much to the world and everything long live captain Kirk. He is a family man and I firmly believe he did not do it. Live Long and Prosper

  • Alcohol kills man!

    Why would he kill his wife who he was going to divorce anyway, the only reason she died is because she was full of alcohol and trying to jump in a shallow end of a pool. There is absolutely no reason for
    Shatner to have murdered his wife at all.

  • Coroner Found No Defensive Wounds

    Since no defensive wounds were found on the wife's body, that strongly argues against Shatner having forced her into the pool head-first. She was heavily impaired by alcohol & Valium and stupidly dove into the shallow end of the pool. Shatner was probably quite happy to have found her there; alimony problem solved. And since he is a lousy actor, of course his grief looked fake. But I don't think he facilitated her demise.

  • Two Drunks Don't always equal Murder

    It is well known that they were both having issues with alcohol and if she decided to go for a swim after drinking and thought she was at the deep end and decided to dive in (when in fact it was the shallow end) that would explain the broken neck. I have watched Star Trek from the time I can remember and I just cannot see him doing this. So what they had separated and started filings for a divorce. How many people have thought they could not live together as man and wife anymore and then after being apart discovered they loved each other more than they originally thought. Just leave the poor man alone to live his life I think it is poor of the public to love watching an actor's show and then when something tragic happens in their lives we turn to scrutinizing instead of still supporting them just because they are rich and successful.

  • Experts found him innocent

    If experts who have the qualifications found him to be innocent, then how can the general public know that he's guilty. Motive aside the evidence is there, to support her own impairment. Doesn't matter how great of a swimmer you are, if your impaired, you will make mistakes, and that's what happened. Whether or not he could or not is different from if he actually did it or not. I believe anybody's capable of murder. But in this case he's innocent.

  • Envy and jealousy make people say stupid things

    There is no evidence that Shatner killed his wife. He was gone at the time. Also anyone who reads what he publishes can tell that he holds little back...He does not seem to be a secretive person. As others have pointed out, why kill her when he could have divorced her?
    I think jealousy and envy have a part in this. He's been a hard working actor who has made a lot of money. Faulty logic says, oh, he's rich. . .Therefore he must have done it. Not so.

  • Why? What Would be the Reason?

    His star would not have be extinguished because he divorced a woman known to be an alcoholic. He would have lost some money, certainly. But, that would not have ended his world. Accidents occur when alcoholics try to do things.

    There is no doubt in my mind this was a dreadful accident.

  • Not enough proof.

    Shatner was/is a drunk, his deceased wife also battled alcoholism. Most likely scenario is she was drunk or drunk and on pills and fell in the pool and drowned. He more than likely came home drunk and found her face down in the pool and did not react well. What is the motive? There isn't one. Just two alcoholics enabling one another, and in the end she died a tragic death.

  • Unfair & unpleasant judgements.

    Coroners are well educated & courts love to make examples of stars. When people judge with no evidence it is reflective, what are the 'yes' collumn guilty of? Prejudgement if not more. The morals i learnt from star trek, the excitement it gave me as child has earned him the right to be left alone. Love the Cap.

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