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  • She was a strong swimmer

    He wasn't around and she was a fit, strong swimmer. How do you just drown in your own pool? There must've been foul play. Plus, he was convicted of murder once before about three weeks before the Wonderland murders. It was a very publicized case and although he denied it, the evidence was overwhelming. But like most celebrities he had a phenomenal legal team to get him through.

  • Captain Kirk killed his wife.

    It wasn't possible to charge Shatner with murder because he had his wife's body cremated the following day before a proper autopsy could be performed, yet the EMS team that attended the 911 call Shatner made, logged bruises and abrasions and a broken vertebrae in her neck/back as injuries to her body. The circumstances of Shatner's wife's death don't add up into anything other than highly suspicious. Captain Kirk is a murderer.

  • Another Hollywood murder by passed by Celeb fame and money.

    I really like this guy. So when I initially heard the story I felt bad for him, then once more details came into light I realized that he delayed , not because he was in shock , because he was thinking on what he would say.That is what liar do, that is what murderers do that want to get rid of their wife. If he gets a divorce then he looks like an arrogant donkay butt, but if she drowns , because she is "so dependent " that is would seem legit. His face lies, his actions lie. His poor wife and her family, but one it will come out. Because , someone knows, the arrogant ones always tell somebody. Kittykritic

  • I would say guilty

    His early Priceline commercials were funny and a bit bumbling, however, his latest commercials with his "daughter" are not funny in the least but have a rather sinister tone. In many of the scenes, his eyes are almost diabolical. He displays a quality that appears to be controlled rage just under the surface. He has the demeanor of a very volatile person.

  • He did it.

    Too much evidence pointing toward it, and unfortunately the real evidence that existed he got rid of the next day ...In cremating the body. He is a very smart and diabolical man that didn't want to let go of his money in a costly divorce.
    The fact is ..The department doesn't want to pursue this without the body as evidence. Case closed. But Shatner is still alive, and most narcissist sociopaths usually do something else to prove this fact later on. He can do it again, because he will feel he can again get away with it. They can't resist getting away with something again, because their thinking is that they are smarter than anyone else and will win out.

  • Captain Kirk Killed Her.

    Being Captain Kirk has made Shatner schitzophrenic. No one knows where the Star Trek character and the real man seperate, He guards his baldness obsessively and wont admit to being bald. He's even carefully destroyed all known photos that show him without a full head of hair. His wife was going to expose the fact that Shatner wore a toupee, which would also ruin Captain Kirk's image.

  • He Killed Her

    When this happened years ago and the 911 recording was first aired, I immediately knew something was wrong. I haven't heard that recording in years, but I can still clearly recall two major flags: During the call he yells out "my poor wife!" that is some serious poor acting. Secondly, he hangs up on the 911 operator. Who would do that except someone who wanted to limit the recording of the call. Other very guilty murderers have also done this. And lastly, I am the furthest away from those conspiracy theorists. I never believe all that stuff, but no one had to convince me of this. This felt so wrong from the first time I listened to that call.

  • I've heard him talk about this on the Howard Stern Show.

    He came across to me as a lying actor, with the motive opportunity, and temperament to kill his wife. He is a control freak, and always wants his way, on Star Trek, and in life. Every other actor on Star Trek who spoke on this subject described him in this manner, and his explanation on Howard was very unconvincing to me. A Jew cremating his wife? Yeah, right.

  • Did William Shatner kill his wife?

    He is a control freak whom resented her alcoholism and impending divorce. He thinks with his popularity as Capt. Kirk and TV commercials he is above the law; I say behind this sham hides a murderer. I'm sure of it. There is evidence concerning the lies about his whereabouts that will further corroborate this.

  • Died of neck injuries

    The coroner listed her death as "neck injuries and accidental drowning" also why would he call 911 and just leave his wife at the bottom of the pool? Listen to the 911 recording... The 911 operator tells him to get her out of the pool and he basically fake cries and leaves her in the pool.

  • The Evidence Tends to Suggest He Did It, Even Though There's Apparently Not Enough Legal Evidence to Convince Him.

    If the emergency response team found other bruises and damages to the body, but WS had the body cremated the next day, then that's suspicious. Moreover, WS was raised as a religious Jew and still is openly Jewish. I don't know how religious he is, but even non-religious Jews generally don't eat pork or cremate remains. So the fact that she was cremated, and so quickly, is very suspicious. This was also in the aftermath of the OJ trial and the county may have been reluctant to file charges in the absence of evidence, fearing another celebrity trial which would not end in a conviction. I also read that he was very unhappy in is marriage, he had already become impoverished by a prior divorce and he was already seeing his present wife when the last one passed away so suddenly. Finally, I have a client who is a contractor who did work in the area several years afterwards and he said that the buzz around the neighborhood is that everyone, including the police, knows he did it but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. He didn't have any more details than that, but the quick cremation seems to be it. In closing though, I HOPE I'M WRONG! :(

  • Masonic Scum Bag

    Most likely had his brothers help him out. He most likely belongs to a masonic organization that would let him get away with anything. These scum bags look out for pedophiles, child murder/torture, wife killers, they gang stalk and try to ruin people for fun and sport, etc. These people are evil. Poor woman marrying that pig and paying the ultimate price for giving him a chance.

  • Yes, he did.

    While I think that it probably will never actually be proved in a court of law, I think that it is very likely that William Shatner also known as Captain James Tiberious Kirk, did indeed kill his wife so that he could find a new one to shack up with, that's for sure.

  • He got away with it

    He was about to get divorced. She ended up dead in a swimming pool, even though she was in great shape. No weapon was needed. He's an actor and played to the news cameras about how "upset" he was about it. When he called 911, she was still at the bottom of the pool.

  • Of course he did.

    Just like Biden did. These people think they are above the law and anyone who knows too many secrets deserves to die, Their spouse included. It’s satanic really. Shat is an Illuminati pawn and wanted to get away with his pedophilic urges without getting called out by his own wife.

  • Yup he did it

    There were a few actors who killed their spouses and I knew it was a matter of time before they were caught. There was that guy Robert Blake who played Baretta and killed his wife and was finally caught and sent to prison, Then there was Robert Wagner who I knew killed Natalie Wood, And finally found out last year or this year. The reason he killed her was that she walked in on his and Christopher Walken in bed. Natalie was deathly afraid of water so she didn't even want to be there and was drinking.

  • "It's only wrong if you get caught. "

    Money. Motive. Opportunity. It's not unbelievable to conceive he not only killed her but lives with it. Maybe it was an accident? Maybe he felt like 'she made him do it'? Abusive relationships often lead to crimes of passion. Impulsive spur of the moment irrational actions.
    Don't pwerful people often times flaunt laws because they think they're above them. Laws are for people who lack common sense.

  • Of course he did

    I remember when this actually happened. Shatner’s wife was a gold digger and he was sick of her. The 911 call is all over the place- plus why wouldn’t you go and save her if you really cared? Saying you can’t swim is a pathetic excuse. He is as guilty as OJ.

  • Jealous possible dirt

    Well she possible refused to do something she thought wasn't right and figured logical why can't just stay home relax and wait a few days to go out on the town and look at antiques or go 2 museum or she thought he spent more time at ranch riding horses

  • Did shatter kill his wife

    Yeah he killed her cause he wanted a younger model. He had all the dough and she became an alcoholic so he wanted to get rid of her. He pretended that she got caught up in the pool cleaner. Pretty weak defense. He is guilty for sure

  • I fully believe William Shatner killed her.

    I actually have known this story forever because my daughters father was her nephew. He always talked about how much he loved and missed her because shortly after starting to date Shatner he became rather controlling. On several different occasions she called crying and upset and made the comment if I am murdered he did it. The day before the incident she called home and she was done she was leaving him. She had a plan to leave the next day as soon as he left the home. That was the last time they spoke to her. I remember the family just basically getting brushed off by police but in any other odd death like this they would talk to friends, Family, Neighbors, And anyone who may have in sided information on a couple’s relationship. It saddens me that to this day they never got justice.

  • Yes He Did

    I think it's quite obvious that he did and I'm sure most people know and understand that he did. He needed to get rid of her, And she was a liability. Very obvious to anybody with half a brain and lives in the real world. It shouldn't even need to be asked.

  • It's pretty suspicious

    Who gets their wife cremated the day after finding her lifeless body? Not to mention, He found her past ten o'clock at night. That's quite a bit less than twenty four hours in between the discovery of the body and the cremation. Plus, They were getting divorced, He probably didn't want to deal with the alimony. Best thing to do was to get rid of her. Not to mention the bruises on her body!

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  • Cremated too early

    He was “not at home” conveniently, On the night of his wife’s “accidental drowning” and had her “quickly” cremated. She was young, Smart, Talented, Inquisitive, And “knew too much” about “Shady Shatner” and his dirty business dealing’s and short temper. God rest her soul, And, May justice be done soon.

  • The 911 Phone Call

    The phone call says it all plus not trying to save her when he found her at the bottom of the pool. If you found your wife at the bottom of the pool you would jump in and try to save her. Plus the fast hang up on the 911 call

  • Past criminal history

    No way she drowned when shes a strong swimmer plus he was going to divorce her. If they had such a loving relationship why did he file for divorce shortly after they married. He also said he wanted to pay no alimony. What better way then to kill her or get someone else to do it to get out of alimony.

  • He's a bona fide sociopath.

    He has the same fatuous bloviating demeanor as our Pyschopath-in-Chief president. He has a tremendous net worth after years of stuggling as a has been C minus hack actor in the '70s and '80s. Star Trek saved his bald ass, And he parlayed that into the Priceline stuff and now he's worth major bank. He wasn't going to let her alcoholism and mental issues ruin that, And he damn well wasn't going to let her take a dime in any messy divorce. What if she blabbed to the press that he's a closet leather queen? No, She had to go.

  • Evidence Points to "Guilty"

    Who would call 911 instead of getting his wife out of the pool? A normal call would be: "I just got my wife out of the pool. Call an ambulance. How do I perform CPR on her? Walk me through this, Fast! "

    Instead, Shatner calls 911 with his wife STILL UNDER WATER. Who would do that? His wife was allegedly "drunk" when she drowned, So where are the toxicology report results to exonerate Shatner? Nowhere online that I can see. There's only hearsay about the coroner's report.

    Nerine Kidd's injuries could have been inflicted BEFORE she was dumped into the pool. Also, It's worth pointing out, Theoretically, That the hit would have most likely been done by a professional hit man who would have been called by Shatner when his wife had been drinking to make the pool injuries look accidental. She had very severe head injuries and neck injuries.

    It's worth pointing out that Nerine Kidd's body was found in the deep end of the pool.

    How did she dive and hit her head on the bottom of the pool in the deep end, Especially while drunk? Are we to believe her body drifted from the shallow to the deep end and then settled on the bottom there? That seems highly unlikely.

    The deep end of most residential pools is eight feet. A drunk woman would not dive through 8 feet of water and then hit her head on the bottom. Such a feat would be hard to duplicate in even six feet of water, Especially without a diving board involved.

    In his 911 call, Shatner says "the VERY deep end" of the pool. That indicates the pool was at least the standard eight feet deep, If not deeper. Here is the transcript of Shatner's call:

    Shatner: ``Oh my God! ″

    Dispatcher: ``What’s your problem there, Sir? ″

    Shatner: ``My wife’s at the bottom of the pool. ″

    Dispatcher: ``OK, Did you get her out of the pool yet, Sir? ″

    Shatner: ``No, Not yet. ″

    Dispatcher: ``I want you to take her out of the pool right now. ″

    Shatner: ``She’s at the very deep end (unintelligible). ″

    Dispatcher: ``OK, Sir. If you can, Grab something and get her out of the pool. Sir. Sir. Right away, Get your wife out of the pool. ″

    Shatner: ``OK. ″

    Dispatcher: ``Don’t hang up the phone. (Shatner hangs up. ) Hello? ″

  • Prenup, Probably, So what else could have motivated the hit?

    Shatner most likely had a strong prenup, So if he hired some goons to dust his wife then the motive was probably not because she stood to gain much money in a divorce.

    The remaining motive would have involved keeping her silent about what she may had learned about him and his business dealings. Is Shatner involved in some shady dealings? Well, Along with a high percentage of big earning celebrities, The answer could be "yes. "

    There's one other possible motive: shame. Did his wife shame him or threaten to shame him for something involving his reputation? Such a question mark could point to his "manhood. " Shatner's manhood has already been called into question by longstanding rumors that date back to the 60's. All of these motives are merely speculation, However. We will never know the truth for sure. The death of his wife did hurt his reputation, As well as his career, And that's also worth considering.

    Why did it hurt his career and why does his wiki page go out of its way to declare that he was found "not guilty" of murder?

    Because Bill Shatner is seen by a high percentage of the general public as untrustworthy and not a "good guy. " Part of this stems from the way he treated other cast members on Star Trek. Bill has the reputation for being ruthless and underhanded. He tried to counteract this reputation by making fun of himself after the death of his wife and being self-deprecating about being a less than stellar father, Etc.

    This approach seems to have worked, At least to some extent, But when one considers that the self-deprecation was most likely calculated and planned by his representation then his confessional style "remorse" seems like yet another attempt at keeping a sinking career afloat--a career that was sinking due to Bill's personality and behavior rather than his sub-par "corny" acting.

    All of this stated, Have I enjoyed watching Shatner in quite a few shows and films? Yes. Sometimes, Shady people are fun to watch. I once laughed for about ten solid minutes about a comment he made regarding hugging a hot wood stove. I can't remember that precise context but the quote was just hilarious. I laughed until I cried.

    I hope Bill didn't kill his wife, But we will never know. If given the chance to bet $1, 000 on his guilt or innocence, I would bet that he did it, But that doesn't mean that I don't still hope he is innocent. I do hope the man didn't kill his wife.

  • He tried to get out of paying alimony stating she would only drink it and did not think he should have to pay.

    Failing to get out of alimony he does the next easiest thing by dumping an inebriate into the pool to drown. The 911 call was another example of his poor acting ability. But Hollywood hides it's corpses under the tinsel to protect its own. Just ask Robert Blake, He got away with it as well.

  • I'm no first responder, But it seems to me proper emergency protocol was not followed. . . . .

    IMO, The apparent lack of proper emergency protocol says it all. EMTs report other signs of injury on the body (bruises, Abrasions etc. ) and there's NO INVESTIGATION? What about forensic crime scene analysis? You know, Crime scene photos, Video, DNA samples from under fingernails, Signs of a struggle, Interviews w/ neighbors ALL THAT STUFF? And just HOW is it possible to get a body produced under these EXTREMELY suspicious circumstances cremated THE VERY NEXT DAY w/out any professional autopsy? Seriously, Someone in the know needs to inquire if this is even legally possible.

    I don't want to believe it but, Something stinks like a week old fish market here and it ain't dirty tribbles. :(

  • Bad Actor even KILLED a wife drowing her by holding her head below water in a TV episode!

    I think it was Columbo. When I watched the news I couldn't believe it. Here was OJ Simpson 2. 0 but the LAPD was star struck he went scot-free not even investigated! You can analyze his body language in the press interview he gave a mere day or 2 after he killed her. He did everything right: killers hide and shun the press, So he did the opposite. But did you listen to his 911 tape? Guilty as hell! Bloated fat f**k killed his wife and got away with it! Deport him to Canada! But nope. Here he is, 85 some years old and he's not gonna croak until he's done living la vida loca in Beverly Hills. If any of you believe that god exists, There's your proof that it doesn't! Simply no god, And no justice in this world!

  • If He Wasn't Rich and Famous, He'd Be in Jail

    Too many items don't add up. Why was the investigation so short? Why was the body cremated the next day? How does a swimmer drown in their own swimming pool? Just because they are drunk? That doesn't make any sense. Being drunk doesn't stop you from being able to swim. Plus there is the circumstantial evidence of Shatner's evident narcissistic personality disorder, Which is noted for a lack of empathy for others. Lack of empathy is linked to sociopaths, Who can kill with no remorse. Add the fact that he is rich and influential, And there is a strong possibility. Also, Don't trust the phone call to 911, Where he is apparently distraught. Remember, He is an actor. He lies for a living. I wish it weren't true, But I strongly suspect the killed her, That he got away with it, And the truth always remain buried.

  • Me so smart

    Me Me thinking fat he kill wife because he did not go to jail be cause he was still married to his that poop doop Me Me thinking fat he kill wife because he did not go to jail be cause he was still married to his that poop doop

  • His fiery temper

    I have no current information and visited this site to research. During the time this occurred, It was over the news media. I did not know either of these people or anyone affiliated with them. Hfdtt hhtr5yv876 gear works needed to enter site. . . . Jaw gaw ma yaw. . . Oh brother yeah

  • Shit I knew he did it

    As soon as I heard about it and the way he acted I knew he killed her another one like o. J. Gets away with killing someone it's a shame money can buy people like him out of prison all they have to do is pay off the worthless judge's shit

  • He Murdered his wife

    If he wasn't guilty, Then why did he have her body cremated so soon. He is truly a BASTARD. All producers and Directors should take him off TV and Commercials and bad mouth him like he did with Leonard Nimoy. There is a commercial for 'INOGEN' and he doesn't have 'COPD' and yet he says he does and that commercial should be taken off the air. I am shocked that he is doing that commercial and he doesn't need any more Money! ! !

  • Not a logical reaction.

    William Shatner in my view did nothing to attempt to save his wife's life. Why would he call 911 and ask what to do? Instinctively, Any person would have gotten her out of the pool first before doing anything else. As her spouse he showed little regard for her welfare and could have administered CPR with the assistance of 911 if he needed instructions. The autopsy further lends credence to the fact that he got away with a vile act of murder.

  • Large kitchen knife

    An interesting piece of evidence to keep in mind regarding this case, And I haven’t noticed it mentioned here yet; there was a large kitchen knife found next to the pool pump by investigators. The police were told that William Shatner was sleepwalking and using the knife to repair the pool pump in his dream-state.

  • Same as above. . .

    The moment I heard the 911 operator ask him if he had taken her out of the pool & he said 'no, ' I thought he had killed her. If you come out to the pool & see someone lying face down in the water, Your natural instinct is to immediately ck on them to see If they're still alive. Why was he allowed access to the body. The PD should never have allowed anyone to take the body until they knew what happened. But he was a celebrity. . . . !

  • He did it

    Overwhelming evidence. All the evidence points to foul play. The fact that he cremated her before an autopsy was done and the EMS crew reported her having bruises and abrasions on her and a possible broken vertebrae. She also was an experienced swimmer so she most likely didn't die on her own. Anyway that's what I think.

  • He killed her.

    He probably did her in to save from paying alimony. This guy is NOT Captain Kirk. He is an ACTOR and a lousy one to boot. People think he is a nice guy because of a character he portrayed in Star Trek. He is not Captain Kirk America. He is known to be a complete jerk, He did not get along with his fellow co stars on his tv series. His ego and nasty disposition is legendary. She being a no talented asshole does not make him guilty, Playing Captain Kirk does not make him innocent either. I can totally see him killing her. I think he is guilty.

  • His Second Murder!

    In Los Angeles if you're rich and famous it is very difficult to get arrested and / or convicted of Murder. Look at OJ and Robert Blake! Even the Menendez Brothers almost got by with it by blaming the victims, (claiming unsubstantiated sexual abuse); despicable it was even allowed as a defense! With Shatters wife she was a strong swimmer! Almost all adult pool drownings turn out to be foul play, Unless you're rich enough to beat the rap, (2nd time in his case)! The LA police need to do their job for once and re-open the case!

  • Yes he did.

    He has a murder face. That kind of face that looks like it could murder you. And he was in Star Trek and that has a lot of murderers. Also I knew her and she didn't drink. People don't drink and swim, That is illegal. He did it he so did it.

  • I mean, Just look at how he presents himself

    A narcissistic, Aging alcoholic that couldn’t deal with the fading limelight. Strong swimmers don’t just drown of their own accord, And innocent meant don’t cremate the body so quickly to get rid of the evidence. Those 911 calls are some of the worst acting I’ve ever heard, But that’s on par for Shatner.

  • No award for this performance!

    Anyone who loves his wife and sees her at the bottom of a pool would automatically go into the pool to rescue her first before calling 911!
    The only reason someone would not go into the pool to rescue them is because they already knew the person was dead.
    Why wouldn't he of rescued her first before calling 911 to try CPR on her in hopes of saving her, Hmm maybe because he didn't want to!
    The way he acted on the 911 call was the worst performance he ever did!

  • Money buys anything

    Strong swimmer, Neck injuries, He left her in the pool. It wasn’t investigated enough. He has the money and that speaks enough. He didn’t want to pay her alimony. She probably had dirt on him, And that’s enough motivation for killing. But it won’t be re opened

  • Pernicious AH no doubt

    No man in his right mind would do this to any woman especially if he believes in God. According to scripture, Hell is unending; there is no biblical doctrine about speculations about a second chance after death & also Hell is not so much the absence of God as is the consequences of his wrath & displeasre! Those in Hell will realize that they have sentenced themselves to be there because they reject their creator & Jesus as the Christ

  • His interview after her death

    I saw him interviewed right after her death. He added the same sob in his voice that he used when acting in Star Trek II; when he gave the eulogy at Spock's funeral. He was acting in the film and he was acting in the interview. I loved Captain Kirk, But the man behind him is disturbed.

  • Bones killed Captain Kirk's wife

    It was a dark stormy night. Bones was pissed as he and Spok had just got into an argument because Spok had been inappropriately touching Bones dog (a crain terrier) (sexually touching dogs is common on Vulcan. So Bones turned to his long time friend Jim (Captain Kirk) however upon arriving at Kirk's house no one Answers the door so Bones went into the backyard where he found Kirk's wife two timing on Kirk with A Klingon in the pool. Bones killed them both and fled. The Klingon was collected by his bros who were nearby prior to Kirk discovering his wife in the pool.

  • He killed her

    Between the age difference, and all of the circumstantial evidence there is no doubt in my mind that he did it, and there really never was a doubt. He is such a narcissist. What i find so strange is that he is accepted in open society instead of being shunned like oj simpson. Where is her family?

  • Whitner killed his wife

    I knew his wife, and saw her bruised, black and swollen eyes. Shitner would grab her abusively and make her leave shopping, and and never would have a nice demeanor ever. Besides being the luckiest but worst actor in history, hes rude, never nice to anyone, unless he on camera. He murdered Norine, no if's, and's or but's. Come on, he waited almost 20 min before calling 911. Then cremated next day. He is guilty, death penalty.

  • Of course he did it!!!!

    It was about the money. Stood to make millons from priceline commercials and didn't want to share in a divorce, six hundred million to date. He hired someone to kill her. They broke her vertibrae. And dumped her in pool to appear as drowning. He lied to 911.And by the way if I found my husband in a pool my first immediate thought would be to diive in and get them out. Then cremated her following day. So body couldn't be examined further. He got rid of evidence. I believe some one may have been payed off as well to help cover.Thats what it looks like to me. Evil illuminotti lucifarian!

  • 911 call was very suspicious.

    “ I was out of town” he was establishing an alibi. He leaves his wife at the bottom of the pool? He was on Rescue911 for many years, he knows what needs to be done. He is a narcissist who seems to love money more than anything. I think he’s Guilty!

  • Compare "real" and "fake" 911 calls

    In the 1993 Columbo episode "Butterfly in Shades of Grey," Shatner plays the killer, who fakes a 911 call after committing the murder. Compare that to the IRL 911 call he made when he says he discovered his wife's body in their swimming pool. Someone needs to make this into a YouTube or something; the 911 call public I believe.

  • He killed her.

    Conveniently 'absent' during drowning, a broken vertebrae unable to be fully examined due to his having her cremated the next day, and his obviously forced 'bereavement' all scream out GUILTY. He fits the criteria for a sociopath e.g. control freak, etc.. No statute of limitations on murder. Let's bring this ancient murdering egomaniac to trial.

  • He remarried b4 her body was even cold

    Oldest motive ever: he married someone else right after she "accidentally" drowned! The wife that drowned was only married to shatner for 2 yrs so he decided he really didn't like her & wanted 2 get rid of her to marry another woman. Neighbors heard fighting beforehand. Her neck was broken shatner seemed like he was "acting" when he got in front of the cameras while his wife's body was still warm. It would b easy to ply someone w/ alcohol & drugs (especially if they were an alcoholic) & lure them in the pool. He's as guilty as robert blake: both megalomaniacs that got bored of their wives & wanted a fresh one.

    Posted by: a0
  • Ez 2 drown a drunk

    Oldest motive ever: he married someone else right after "accidentally" drowned! The wife that drowned was only married to shatner for 2 yrs so he decided he wanted 2 get rid of her & marry another woman. Neighbors heard fighting beforehand. Shatner seemed like he was "acting" when he got in front of the cameras b4 his wife's body was even cold. It would b easy to ply someone w/ alcohol & drugs & lure them in the pool. He's as guilty as robert blake: both megalomaniacs.

  • Hes a pig but everyone loves him anyway

    People who are too messed up on sedatives and alcohol don't usually fling themselves into a pool -self preservation kicks in unless your a complete dolt? Not surprised that police fouled this case up their a half step behind most of the time Shatner is smarter than the average cop so what now no expensive divorce or years of alimony, I blame the laws in California

  • William Shatner murdered his wife!

    There's an overwhelming amount of evidence along with Shatner's horrible acted call to 911. He knew he could get away with it and wouldn't have to part with precious money in a divorce! Cremating his wife's body the very next day was a radical and panicked move! It had to be done to rid the evidence! That poor woman!

  • The most crucial game a columbo episode .

    While I'm not an expert William Shatner appears guilty. I have seen him on several columbo episodes playing a witty brash arrogant role much like others have said he is in llfe. I heard him on a radio talk show In which he denied wearing a toupe. The radio show talk host was joking around with him and he be came irate with the host exclaiming the toupe was his real hair. I also saw him onJohnny Carson the tonight show. He braved his arrogance that night on Merv Griffth who was also a guest. Merv quickly put him in check suggesting he could by him 10 times over. Shatner kept interrupting when Merv statedaren't you suppose to be dead. Referring to shatters farewell Star Track episode. His choice to face the media a few hours after his wifes death and thank the public for their support seemed disingenuous and fake His Tears appeared not to be real. I am no muder expert. But it looks like he borrowed an episode out of columbo in which Robert Culp kills a swimmer with a block of ice to the head. Ice melts no murder weapon. His transparent behavior lends Itself to guilt not sincere grief. Once again a Hollywood actor is protected by police. William shatner is guilty as 2 left shoes

  • When talking to the Press, the first thing he said was his alibi.

    He got his alibi into the record before he said anything. He said where he was (San Diego as I recall) and what time he got home. It totally reminded me of a Columbo episode where he was the bad guy. It might even have been a murder episode. He did not seem like someone who cared at all about his wife.

  • His actions today lead me to say yes

    Delaying the 911 call, cremating the body before an autopsy, which if he was not guilty could lay those rumors to rest. But add his behavior today and you see a woman hating man who uses his legion of followers who think like him against women he views and inferior.

  • Exact death scenario as in a Columbo episode

    There is no doubt in my mind he killed her. Jack Cassidy starred in an old Columbo show where he drowned his wife but made one fatal mistake. Shatner avoided this mistake and got away with it. The fake teary eyed scene he made before the cameras was almost exactly the same performance as Jack Cassidy. When I saw this on the news I thought it was a remake of the episode; it was so similar.

  • All you need to think about is his faith being Jewish the people of the Jewish faith do not do cremation .

    Think about this William Shatner had the motive he seen a time and place that he could kill his wife he most definitely premeditated her death drinking and swimming was his easy way out I'm sure as he stood at the edge of the pool and watched his wife swim like a wolf watching sheep William aka captain Kirk stood over the edge of the pool as she swam over to see him William kneeling down reached for his wife not for a kiss but to grab her head and hold her under water till she died then he calls 911 please that fake ass captain Kirk has been got away with murder premeditated very sad fame and money keeps people like him above the law......

  • We owe it to her to find truth. I'm sure she wasn't a drunk fool like she is being portrayed...

    From the beginning I knew. Just had to listen and watch. Body language and tone say a lot. If you truly love someone, and were truly devastated and innocent you can also see that in someone. Everything was done way to quick, and his life didn't seem to skip a beat. Very curious.. If it were you or l we would have been grilled for days/forever. Great actors are just that. Period. A strong swimmer who happened to be in the midst of a separation/divorce, oh how coincidental! Really, someone needs to get back to work on this now!

  • He starred in a Columbo episode where he drowned his wife and he was caught.

    Life imitating art. I always felt that this death was very suspicious and exactly like the fictional killing in his Columbo episode. After his wife's death he seemed to resurface with a vengeance with commercials. The pursuit back into limelight seemed to be overcompensating for the possibility that he was guilty. As if to change topics or behave in a manner that one would suppose a guilty man wouldn't behave in...Though it's exactly what a famous actor guilty of murder would really do. Take the next roll and deflect attention to murder. Cremation emmediatly is a sign that he was hiding potential evidence.

  • William shatner Murderer

    I heard the 911 call. It was probably the worst acting shatner has ever done in his life. When he called 911 he said my wife is in the bottom of the pool. A normal reaction would be to jump in the pool immediately if your dog was in the pool not to mention your spouse. He acted like a ding dong on the phone as if to be told every step of what to do with this woman in the pool, but doesn't common sence tell you what to do? I can't find the recording of his 911 call about his wife anymore. Most people can't google it. Did shatner pull the plug and make it dissapear because he knows most people can see the truth when they hear his phony balony?

  • Captain kirk confused

    What would captain kirk do¿ First he wouldn't be confused or not no what to do if he cared about his wife.He would jump in and save her and perform CPR.Shatner is to full of himself or to wasted to save her. He probably practiced his lines for a Oscar performance for the police.

  • He knows time schedules.

    He knows what time his wife was going to be home by herself. Model could lead to depression....Actress by Aspiration could be depression also. Unwinding at the end of the day in the pool at home....Is what he wanted you to think. I bet he had a hand in it. She trusted him so he didn't leave marks to perputrate himself.

  • Questionable Circumstances in the death of William Shatner's Wife!

    . The suspicious circumstances around the death of Shatner's wife, is more than alarming. They are substantiated by actual paramedics reports which were witnessed at the seen of the death and home of William Shatner. The EMS personnel tried to revive the wife's lifeless body, to no avail. They examined the the body and found numerous inconsistence factors. The EMS personnel findings were: broken vertebrae in her neck and back, bruises and abrasions. These findings are not relevant with a drowning victim and more consistent with a beating.

  • Shocked when I first heard about it...

    ...Then seeing him on ET...It was so obviously fake grief. Yes, he is a really bad actor at the best of times, so it just seemed so obvious his grief on camera was fake. Didn't really follow this story though, but now reading some of the comments regarding evidence, quick cremation etc., seems rather obvious he covered it up. For the record though, also think Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood, so maybe I'm just predisposed to think the worst of people.

  • The captain killed her

    Powerful people in Hollywood make it an effort to be friends to those who are high in command. He and also those involved had the connections, the associates not only through Hollywood but also with the media, the police to get rid of the evidence (by cremating his wife) as fast as possible. Case closed!
    Those in power within his community are just as guilty.

  • Enough money can set you free

    Point blank, if you have enough money you can get off on anything, just look at oj simpson. But i feel karma is a bitch, oj ran out of money after his trial and thought he was invincible trying to get his sports memorabilia back probably to sell but he got caught. The day will catch up on shatner and he will be begging scotty to beam him up !!!!!!

  • All listed already

    Comedians played his fake sorrow call for months. Have to hand it to him though. Once she gone unlike OJ he never looked back. LOL
    Pretty evident that no one else gave enough of a Damm about her to fight for her. Goes. To show one can get away with murder if a comic.

  • He had the motive, means to have it done and destroyed the evidence.

    When someone as rich as him wants to get rid of someone, there are many people surrounding him who stand to gain from doing his bidding, however diabolical it may be. A hit man costs a whole lot less than lawyers and alimony. If she did die of a neck injury from diving into the shallow end, there would be an impact wound on the opposing side. So when they checked her corpse, they found...OOOPS! The body was already cremated the very next day. If thats not conveniently suspicious then someone is an idiot.

  • I always felt a big cover-up was allowed for some reason

    It was sad that how the death of his wife quietly came and went, when OJ Simpson's and Robert Blake's cases were heavily scrutinized from the beginning. I guess because a guy played Captain Kirk, he couldn't possibly be a bad man. The saddest thing about all of this is William Shatner became even more popular after his wife's death. I wonder how things would have played out had Shatner been black.

  • "Conquest is easy. Control is not."

    It is quite eerie reading and/or hearing "Captain Kirk" aka William Shatner quotes such as these, e.C.
    "A little suffering is good for the soul". " Conquest is easy. Control is not". "How we deal with death is at least as important as we deal with life". Indeed. These quotes were from his role on Star Trek but still eerie. There are several of these coincidental quotes. I agree with all of you abt him covering up evidence quickly. We know OJ did it. , Casey Anthony did it. Also, we know the Kennedys killed Marilyn. OK, Bobby did along with His bro n law, and a few others. Including the crooked Dr , who gave her the final, fatal injection into her heart. More Significantly, God knows what all William has done. Also, karma finds its way back. He, as we all will , will have judgment day. There will be a day of areckoning..

  • 'Captain James T. Kirk Is A Murderer!' OR 'TJ Hooker Is A Murderer!' #California #Divorce + #Priceline #Millions = #Murder

    It's common knowledge, among most people in Los Angeles, at the time it occurred, that indeed, William Shatner is a MURDERER! William Shatner murdered his 3rd wife, Nerine Kidd, to avoid paying EXACTLY HALF of his PRICELINE MILLIONS to her, which he would have had to do because of the CALIFORNIA DIVORCE they were in the process of obtaining! #DUH! #GUILTY!

  • Yes, he did it.

    William Shatner was well versed in staging murders. He appeared in

    three episodes of Columbo -- and in two of them phone calls played a pivotal role in establishing his alibi. In addition, Shatner served as host of Rescue 911 for several years. This also afforded him an opportunity to become familiar with how 911 responds to emergencies.

    How, then, to explain that when faced with his own life and death situation William Shatner did everything wrong? Rule number one: get the person out of the water -- but instead he leaves her there, goes in the house and calls 911. Rule number two: follow 911's instructions and stay on the line. But instead he hangs up when specifically told to stay on the line.

    Finally, add in the immediate cremation of the body and you have a case worthy of Columbo himself. Too bad Peter Falk is no longer with us to investigate.

  • It was obvious from his 911 call

    When I heard Shatner's 911 drowning call played on the radio, I knew immediately that he had killed her. I also knew that I was right all along about him--he can't act. It was true in all his TV and movie appearances, and the clincher was that he couldn't act to save his life on that 911 call. He actually said, "My POOR wife is on the bottom of the pool."

    First of all, nobody says "poor wife" if he things she is drowning or dead. And second, if a man comes home and sees his wife on the bottom of the pool, it could have happened seconds before he got there. So he's going to jump in.

    Shatner didn't jump in. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Sociopath kills wife

    She accidentally died swimming alone. Wow. O.J. Simpson , Robert Wagner, both with millions. Money is power, no doubt about it. With some people the thought of losing money through a divorce is far worse than the life of their spouse. One has to go when it's realized the party is over.

  • Another celebrity gets away with murder.

    It is a shame this case was not investigated further. He is so arrogant he would surely trip up and prove his guilt quickly. It is unfortunate that he had the body cremated so quickly and then goes about his life like nothing happened. Does he really sleep well at night or ever think he may have to face a higher authority someday?

  • I believe that he is gulity

    Money and luck were on his side. It was an easy way to get rid of the wife he was tired of. It would have been easy to hold her head underwater when she was drinking and on Valium, therefore no defense wounds. He will pay for it in his next life, like being reincarnated in the slums by the railroad tracks in India.

  • Put yourself in her place....

    A divorce was imminent. She would, he assumed, after securing a huge settlement, speak negatively about him. Sure, even though there was a pre-nup the publicity would have damaged his reputation. In any event, there came the last day of this woman's life.... She was still in great shape. Men ogled her. Still she would never remarry since she was guaranteed an income for life. William said he loved her; and, maybe he did in a way. He promised to cherish her and she, young and niave, fell for it. But William wasn't young anymore. In fact, he was decrepit. She thought the romantic side of him would work out the kinks in the relationship but it didn't. The first time she suspected there was trouble she became apprehensive. She confided in a few friends but William, rich and affluent, knew what she thought just as much as what she did. For instance he knew about her clothing. About every piece of her clothing. Some pieces were special to him and he coveted those. Still has them to this day. Those pieces that spoke particularly on his dominion of her. The intimates and the actual over toppings of those special days. Conquest and the conquistador.... He hadn't much prowess, but she, inexperienced and fancying herself in love, embraced his God like tenaciities. He was so like the guy in charge of the Salem witch trials. The amorous unsettling brute who took and rarely gave...... His not winning was not to be. He could never let that be.

  • For some reason this has been on my mind for years

    I googled "does any one think William Shatners wifes death is suspicious and this website came up. For those of you who feel they have the gift of intuition and are 99 percent right about your gut feelings, you already know why I think he's guilty. He's only getting away with it in this life.

  • He killed his wife.

    If a normal person finds their spouse, (or anyone for that matter) at the bottom of a pool, the first thing they'd do is jump in, get the person out of the pool & try to revive them. Watching him talk about it on tv, it was obvious his grief was not real. Can't put my finger on it, but my gut tells me he killed her. Same way my gut tells me Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood & OJ killed Nicole. BTW, I believe a "gut feeling" is actually your subconscious picking up on clues, etc that the conscious mind misses.

  • Just read the reports...

    Motive: Unwillingness to pay alimony if divorse granted, would not want a scorned ex-wife discussing personal foibles which could damage reputation (maybe other unknown reasons)

    Coroner's report says neck trauma, and alcohol - diazepam intoxication Suggestion: Spiking her drink with pills would create a lowered resistance to a physical attack, enabling a partially conscious/unconscious person to be pushed/thrown into a pool in what would appear an accidental fall.

    - Phoning 911 rather than TAKING IMMEDIATE ACTION is clearly an attempt to establish some kind of alibi rather than a plausible reaction to finding someone in distress. The 911 dispatcher HAD TO TELL HIM TO GET HER OUT OF THE POOL. And then he hung up (unless the phone was disconnected by him diving in the pool)

    - Destruction of evidence (cremation) before another autopsy could have been requested (possibly by her other family members)

    Circumstantial, yes, but enough to consider beyond reasonable doubt...

    I'll never look at Shatner the same way again having read those reports :(

  • Likely a killer

    Without going into specifics that would give his identity away, I knew someone who was very familiar with Shatner's finances and knew both Shatner and his wife. He claimed a divorce from Nerine would have destroyed him financially, information my friend was privy to. My friend believes it's the motive.

    Posted by: FRC
  • Of course he murdered her!

    They played the 911 tape (only once that I know of)....In it the dispat chers asked him if he had checked on her and tried to get her out of the pool. He said "No." Who sees their spouse face down in a pool and doesn't try to get them out??? Only someone who doesn't care enough to try...Someone who actually killed that person. He should have at least gone to trial. Rich or famous buys a lot of looking the other way!!

  • Freedom for the guilty

    How he is not in jail blows my mind, guess you can do what you want even murder if you have money. There's no way she drowned, also how was he allowed to cremate her the next day? Lousy investigation, he's so guilt its pathetic. Can't understand how anyone in Hollywood would work with him.

  • Guilty but free

    He is very guilty. But courts were correct not to convict since the overwhelming amount of evidence was still circumstantial in the end. He got away with it. So it is up to we the public to punish him by boycotting his income sources. We should also ignore him and pretend he doesn't exist. He is a nonentity.

  • Look at the default picture. Those are the eyes of a murderer.

    He has a distinct composure that he shares with Amanda Knox. Those dead Alligator Eyes. He lives with the knowledge he killed a human being every day of his life. He was at his worst when he was with that woman from the pudgy face and pockmarked skin. Then after she dies he reinvents himself. He didn't want to be with her and he didn't want to lose his money and possessions because of her so he got rid of her plain and simple.

  • Captain Kirk killed his wife.

    Guilty is as guilty does. I thought he looked guilty during the during TV interview when he cried those crocodile tears about his poor wife, I couldn't believe there was only me thinking give this guy an oscar, he was so appallingly bad at pretending to be upset I yelled out loudly in front of the TV - what a lying scumbag! He's guilty as hell!

  • He did it!

    He mishandled the call, he had the body cremated quickly, he shows all signs of a masochist-likelihood he helped her get drunk and gave her the pills to damage her credibility and make it look like an accident-I am surprised police department did not do a better investigation. Imagine what he carries in his conscience- his loses!

  • Guilty is as guilty does.

    I thought he looked guilty during the during TV interview when he cried those crocodile tears about his poor wife, I couldn't believe there was only me thinking give this guy an oscar, he was so appallingly bad at pretending to be upset I yelled out loudly in front of the TV - what a lying scumbag! He's guilty as hell!

  • Spock killed Kirks wife

    From the time Shatner got married Leonard Nimoy had been filled with jealousy. He tirelessly stalked the couple formulating plans along the way. By the time his opportunity arose it didn't matter that they were getting divorced, this woman had ruined his bond which was his entire life. Shatners wife was drunk when Nimoy Vulcan death pinched her and threw her in the pool exacting his revenge and restoring his bond with the captain.

  • Captain Kirk is innocent

    I can't see William Shatner killing his own wife ..... He is a good man and role model and he has given so much to the world and everything long live captain Kirk. He is a family man and I firmly believe he did not do it. Live Long and Prosper

  • Alcohol kills man!

    Why would he kill his wife who he was going to divorce anyway, the only reason she died is because she was full of alcohol and trying to jump in a shallow end of a pool. There is absolutely no reason for
    Shatner to have murdered his wife at all.

  • Coroner Found No Defensive Wounds

    Since no defensive wounds were found on the wife's body, that strongly argues against Shatner having forced her into the pool head-first. She was heavily impaired by alcohol & Valium and stupidly dove into the shallow end of the pool. Shatner was probably quite happy to have found her there; alimony problem solved. And since he is a lousy actor, of course his grief looked fake. But I don't think he facilitated her demise.

  • Two Drunks Don't always equal Murder

    It is well known that they were both having issues with alcohol and if she decided to go for a swim after drinking and thought she was at the deep end and decided to dive in (when in fact it was the shallow end) that would explain the broken neck. I have watched Star Trek from the time I can remember and I just cannot see him doing this. So what they had separated and started filings for a divorce. How many people have thought they could not live together as man and wife anymore and then after being apart discovered they loved each other more than they originally thought. Just leave the poor man alone to live his life I think it is poor of the public to love watching an actor's show and then when something tragic happens in their lives we turn to scrutinizing instead of still supporting them just because they are rich and successful.

  • Experts found him innocent

    If experts who have the qualifications found him to be innocent, then how can the general public know that he's guilty. Motive aside the evidence is there, to support her own impairment. Doesn't matter how great of a swimmer you are, if your impaired, you will make mistakes, and that's what happened. Whether or not he could or not is different from if he actually did it or not. I believe anybody's capable of murder. But in this case he's innocent.

  • Envy and jealousy make people say stupid things

    There is no evidence that Shatner killed his wife. He was gone at the time. Also anyone who reads what he publishes can tell that he holds little back...He does not seem to be a secretive person. As others have pointed out, why kill her when he could have divorced her?
    I think jealousy and envy have a part in this. He's been a hard working actor who has made a lot of money. Faulty logic says, oh, he's rich. . .Therefore he must have done it. Not so.

  • Why? What Would be the Reason?

    His star would not have be extinguished because he divorced a woman known to be an alcoholic. He would have lost some money, certainly. But, that would not have ended his world. Accidents occur when alcoholics try to do things.

    There is no doubt in my mind this was a dreadful accident.

  • Not enough proof.

    Shatner was/is a drunk, his deceased wife also battled alcoholism. Most likely scenario is she was drunk or drunk and on pills and fell in the pool and drowned. He more than likely came home drunk and found her face down in the pool and did not react well. What is the motive? There isn't one. Just two alcoholics enabling one another, and in the end she died a tragic death.

  • Unfair & unpleasant judgements.

    Coroners are well educated & courts love to make examples of stars. When people judge with no evidence it is reflective, what are the 'yes' collumn guilty of? Prejudgement if not more. The morals i learnt from star trek, the excitement it gave me as child has earned him the right to be left alone. Love the Cap.

  • No way. I just don't buy it.

    To this day, I have yet to see any evidence to convince me that William Shatner is capable of having murdered his wife, let alone done so. All I see are tabloid conspiracy theories based on hearsay and character assassination, my favorites of which are from the YES column of this page, such as diagnosing Shatner with schizophrenia while simultaneously assigning the motive as a morbid fear of being publicly outed as a bald man leading to a calculated toupee cover-up (no pun intended). Simply ridiculous. Keep in mind, too, that it is exceedingly easy to scrutinize with a cool head any 911 call recording, Think about it for a moment.

  • A shallow pool

    The broken neck is probably due to her depression, sleeping pills and the fact that she was drunk. She was depressed and drunk with a swimming pool that had a shallow end. Being drunk she jumped into the pool and broke her neck, if she was still alive she dround while not Confucius

  • Ever break someones neck?

    Blow to the head, suffocation, cut artery, all relatively easy to do. Broken neck... No so much. You see guys on TV snapping necks all the time, that move is damn near impossible. His wife was a drunk, pill popper that had depression issues... Add the shallow end of the pool and the broken neck... Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.

  • No, he didn't

    The toxicology showed she had been drinking heavily and the injuries she suffered were consistent with hitting her head on the pool after a dive. She may have been in excellent shape but she was drunk and therefore impaired. No reason to presume foul play. No reason to continue the rumors.

  • Sleeping pills and a drunk wife

    Okay, first of all kirk is dead, and the toupee is not a secret, it never was! Nerine battled with alcoholism during her time with Shatner and was twice arrested for driving under the influence. She was also taking sleeping pills , he hung up on 911 out of sheer grief! There was also no named MOTIF for killing his wife in the first place!

  • Aside from the fact William Shatner had no motive and alibis,

    Final autopsy results showed that Nerine Shatner had been drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills the night she drowned in the swimming pool behind her home.

    The former model and aspiring actress, who had two drunk-driving convictions and had been treated several times for alcoholism, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.27%, more than three times the legal limit for driving, according to the autopsy report.

    Doctors found bruises on her face and two cracked neck vertebrae that indicated she dived into the pool, banged her head on the bottom and lost consciousness.

    Medical Doctors with specialist forensic pathology training, expert court witnesses on the subject, conducted an autopsy, and came to this conclusion. It takes approx 15 years of post high school education and training to become a forensic pathologist. Defer to the experts.

  • Dishonor star fleet? I don't think so!

    William Shatner was accused of killing his wife but i dont belive it, there is no proof and no reasonable intention, and even if there was scarring on her body some evidence suggests A gang of Star Wars fans might have done it to protest against Star Trek's similar plot

  • No there is not enough proof to show otherwise

    No I do not believe William Shatner killed his wife. I think the rumors were spread by someone trying to cause trouble to him. With that said it could be possible but the case is so old now and there is no real evidence to really show anyone to feel differently.

  • No!!! Not Guilty!

    I think the people saying he did are scorned women that have watched too much lifetime television and Star Trek haters. He has never been accused or convicted of the crime in the court of law and circumstances indicate while boozing up his wide dove into the shallow end of a pool and broke her kneck.


    Given the fact that she was home alone (and wasted), and there were guard dogs present and her husband's whereabouts are accounted for, we are ruling out foul play. This pretty much proves that he didn't. She was drunk. Drunk people drown when they fall into a large body of water. Whoda thunk it?

  • No, he did not

    I would argue that unless William Shatner has been convicted in a court of law for his crimes, then he is not guilty of the act of killing his wife. While the circumstances around her death are more than just a little suspicious, this is not enough to prove that he did anything.

  • William Shatner Did Not Kill His Wife.

    Whenever foul play is suspected law enforcement follows through in their investigation regardless of who the suspects are. William Shatner was never charged with a crime. Wives of famous people die in accidents. There is a drive by certain people to sensationalize occurrences of accidents into scandal and/or crimes either for personal gain or some distorted, self-righteous, unwarranted proclamations. This is why America is ruled by law and not by individuals with gut instinct to rule by hearsay and mob enforcement.

  • William Shatner Kill His Wife?

    I knew cops on Oceanside Police Department. His wife was commonly caught drunk driving and passed out in the community. They would take her home. She was not a very pleasant person by the way from what was described to me. So I am not really worried about her passing. William Shatner was always describe as a good and decent person BTW. All I can say is substance abuse is a horrible thing and it makes people make some dumb choices. RIP.

    Posted by: kdvz
  • No he didn’t

    His wife was a chronic alcoholic with a history of unsafe activities such as driving under the influence. The autopsy, Which did happen, Showed she had over 3 times the legal BAC. She also had Valium in her system. This entire rumor was started by a tabloid trying to get in to the gossip scene.

  • Autopsy confirmed accidental death

    Her autopsy revealed injuries to her head and neck consistent with someone diving into the pool and hitting the bottom. The guys who do this are good, They know what this kind of death looks like. There was also alcohol and valium in her system, So that was a contributing factor.

  • Seems unlikely at this point but will keep an open mind

    Do men kill their wives? Yes! Do they need a motive? No! But in this case it seems unlikely. While Mrs Shatner was a strong swimmer, Toxicology reports showed that she was drunk at the time of her death. Swimming and alcohol are a bad combination, And it's very easy to misjudge the depth of water at the best of times - let alone under the influence. I'm not a huge fan of Shatner and I don't rule out his capability of doing such a thing, But I don't think he actually murdered his wife in this instance. I think it's important to judge cases like these with objectivity and not just give him a free pass because you love his work on Star Trek or his later roles (I actually love his characters, And his unique acting style has cheered me up on many a dull day). But it's also important to remember that people react to traumatic experiences quickly and that any "dodgy behaviour" that he exhibited during or after the incident shouldn't be automatically assumed as guilt.

  • No William Shatner didn't kill his wife mainly he deeply loved her that's all.

    Life stile, William doesn't believe in revenge murdr or otherwise, Look at daughter success, How is it people just prefer to blame easier then find the truth or fault, "the husband did it" how reductions can be truthful, Nope it's easier to say the husband did it. . . No proof, No reason. . . . At all. .

  • It is not in his nature.

    The eyes are the windows to the sole and if you really look into his you will see it is not in him to do something of this nature. They are kind and loving and it was a tragic accident. He is a good actor and is kind caring man.

  • She was drunk, Dove in shallow end of pool. . No defensive wounds. .

    She was drunk, Dove in shallow end of pool. . No defensive wounds. . Just because he is famous does not mean he is quilty. Bad things happen to lots of peoplr. . . . I don't know if he was drunk or not. . . But she was a drinker and dove in shallow end of pool. End of story. . .

  • Stop name smearing

    You guys need to stop the name smearing here...The police report revealed that she had hit her head on the bottom of the pool while diving in and the autopsy revealed that her head wound was consistent with that, along with the fact that her blood-alcohol level was THREE times the legal limit.

  • He is a magical spaceman

    There is no way a magical spaceman like Shatner could ever commit murder. If he wanted to get rid of her, he would just have had the Klingons come and take her away and there wouldn't even have been a body. DUH! Or he could have beamed her molecules into outer space. So that proves he didn't do it.

  • He had no reason.

    People enjoy maligning the wealthy and famous. William Shatner is wealthy enough and famous enough to have survived the divorce. I read where he asked that no alimony be awarded. Maybe he wanted her "spending" monitored because of her addictions. The media has been overly vigilant in exposing HIS "problems". So Mr. Shatner obviously knows the drill.I would hope that sometime in the near future the dead will be allowed to rest and the living be allowed to get on with their lives unfettered.

  • No he didnt

    Wasnt there so no also she was a drunk .Image coming home to that scene he wouldnt of married her if he knew that she had so many addictions .I think he loved all his wife in his own way and we need to not speculate on a very upsetting part of his life .

  • There was no motive

    There was no substantiating evidence for a motive to murder. Without this there is no way for judicial process to move forward. Given that an autopsy identified diazepam and alcohol in the victim, her subsequent drowning, an accident, is the most compelling explanation for her death. That is why the case was closed

  • She died as a consequence of her alcoholism & drug abuse

    Leonard Nimoy had been warning Shatner about her alcoholism according to statements he made before his own death. Her alcoholism was well known before the marriage and she was not willing to get treatment. Substance abusers die in bizarre ways as any coroner will tell you- e.g. Willam Holden dying after hitting his head on a coffee table, dependent asphyxiation, etc

  • This is just crazy

    William Shatner is a good man and so was Leonard Nimoy.They never would have done this and if you think they did you are not true fans so please go bye bye.ANY REAL FANS WOULD NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS BULLCRAP TO BE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE TRUTH.IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE

  • C'mon, guys! He didn't want to ruin his toupee.

    The reason he didn't immediately jump into the pool to pull her out was because he had a $25,000 toupee on that night, and he didn't want to ruin it. I'm sure he could see that she was very likely gone already, so that's why he called 911 instead of immediately diving into the pool to remove her body. It's very understandable and straightforward, but you guys prefer conspiracy theories.

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