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  • Of course she wasn't the reason, how stupid.

    The beatles broke up because john did not want to work with paul. The other members resented his attempts at leading the band though to be fair they all had egos and they were clashing. Yoko ono got blamed because she was there, a woman and a different race. Paul irrationally blamed her because he was traumatized that other band members resented him for his leadership which was earstwhile and he felt wrongfully isolated. So he targed her with woman hating racism in denial that he was the reason john was leaving. Other people imitated paul because he was the cute one and they loved him. Blaming yoko was a mythology paul created in his mind to cope with his feelings of isolation in the band, but it wasn't real that she had anything to do with john wanting to leave. Most bands end because of clashing egos.

  • Yoko Ono did not break up the band.

    The band was slowing down and the members were wanting to move on to their own careers. They were no longer happy, they were fighting a lot, and it was time to move on. The Beatles were a fad and that fad went out of "style." They were already over and they were tired.

  • Why blame women?

    No Yoko Ono was not the only significant other that was a part of the Beatles. I feel that like most bands, they would have broke up either way within a matter of time. It is a known fact that music groups are only good for a short period of time. Bands break up all the time because of personal differences and I am sure that it was not Yoko Ono that broke the band up.

  • A matter of time.

    According to an interview with Yoko Ono, she states that each of the band members expressed feelings of wanting to leave, with the exception of Paul McCartney. It was simply a matter of when it would happen. All bands eventually break up, typically due to resentment or personality differences. If one person has more of the spotlight, the others in the band eventually grow resentful of that band member.

  • No, she didn't

    No, I do not agree that Yoko Ono is responsible for the break up of the Beatles. I think that the Beatles would have eventually fell apart regardless if she were a significant other of John Lennon or not. Other members of the Beatles had significant others and they are not blamed. Why blame Yoko Ono?

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