• Yes I agree with the verdict in the Loud Music Murder Trial

    I believe that Michael Dunn overreacted in this case but I don't I agree that a first degree murder conviction was necessary, I agree with the verdict the jury reached and am glad that the racial tones and factors in this case did not really come into play on the verdict.

  • Yes, I agree with the verdict in the "Loud Music Murder Trial".

    Yes, I agree with the verdict in the "Loud Music Murder Trial" because I have faith in our strong system. People like to point out that our system for convicting people has flaws, and I agree, but that is why there are opportunities for retrials which is what will happen in this case. The outcome will be correct after being decided by peers on the jury.

  • Yes I Do

    In the Loud Music Murder Trial is was pretty obvious that Michael Dunn killed Jordan Davis and I do agree with the guilty verdict. I believe he should be punished with the full force of the law but we still haven't seen that happen. I think this incident, like the Zimmerman case, display the large amount on intolerance still present in the United States.

  • Yes, I agreed with the verdict in the Loud Music Murder Trial.

    I do not think there was enough evidence to convict the defendant in the Loud Music Trial. I also think that there were a lot of problems and issues with the prosecution's case. That is why a mistrial was called and the trial is set to be retried at a later date.

  • No, Dunn should be looking at death row

    No, what Dunn committed was first degree murder and that is exactly how he should have been convicted. Losing it over a teenager's loud music to the point that you shoot him in cold blood is completely inexcusable. Just imagine how many dead teenagers we would be faced with if it was considered acceptable to shoot one because of loud music. The fact that he was supposed to be the adult in this situation implies that he should have exercised much better judgment and removed himself from the situation if he felt aggravated in any manner.

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