Did you contact your Congress members about the proposed strike on Syria?

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  • No, I did not contact my Congress members about the proposed strike on Syria

    Personally I am not that concerned with international affairs and I have never contacted or even thought about contacting my Congress in regards to the proposed strike on Syria. War and famine are part of the world and things like this are always bound to happen. I don't think us as citizens would much effect on Congress decisions even if we did contact them.

  • I did not contact my congress members about a strike on Syria.

    I did not contact the members of Congress regarding a strike on Syria because I am not fully aware of the situation in Syria. I believe that America should not continue to be the "world police" and sending our young men and women overseas into danger. We should be more cognizant of the fact that when we involve our armed forces, we send young Americans into life-threatening danger.

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