• Yes it was realistic

    The final episode was a an hour of emotion and reality. From the beginning of the series it was always about ted and robin. They had chemistry but timing was different they wanted both different things but now the had both reached a stage in life where they can be happy.It was poetic and barney and robin were a very unrealistic couple.The mother was not killed she died but that;s life you don't get always what you wanted ted loved her till the end and the wedding was not pointless as it was a vehicle in which many stories unfolded and began , in the end it was a father who told his children he wanted to move on after six years of grieving .In the finale comedy series turned reality and it was greatly done.

  • The mother dies, Barney and Robin divorced ONLY in order to get ted and robin together.

    It would have been more appropriate to have the mother die by getting run over by the bus with Robin's face on it. It s a quality of a bad fanfiction.Were they drunk when they thought of it? Why would you call a story "how i met your mom" just to make her romantic false led?

  • Ted should have not hooked up with robin

    It vololate the entire priemese of the show, because we spent time with tracy(the mother) during the final season and at the end the kill her off! And to pour salt on a open wound ted hooks up with robin instead! This ruined the entire barney/robin relasion ship, and made the wedding Pointless!

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