• The Future of Television Goes Back to the Past

    While the majority of viewers don't remember the serialized version of television and movies as existed in the past, media has to figure out a way to hook the public to come back again and again. Serial went to a past way of doing things, and it was very thought-provoking and enjoyable. To know the outcome and yet still be engaged and surprised made Serial one of the highlights of the year.

  • Yes, the 'Serial" podcast finale was excellent.

    'Serial,' is such a clever and unique idea, using real-life drama mixed with vintage style to create the perfect listening experience. I have enjoyed it all the way through, and the season finale was very exciting and engaging. I would strongly recommend that people who haven't listened to 'Serial' do so immediately.

  • It was weak in parts but innovative.

    Even though the narrative didn't flow evenly and suffered from a lack of material, Serial represented an innovative and interesting take of journalism and pod-casting. The material was spread too thinly for it to be a truly brilliant piece of work but the crew behind it made it consistently compelling listening.

  • Not everyone has heard of 'Serial' podcast.

    'Serial' became popular very suddenly, so not everyone has had a chance to hear about it. It only became really well known right before it finished. I believe many people will become fans when they go back and listen to it now, having missed the podcast when it was still coming out.

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