• Yes I did

    What I really enjoyed was doobiego with bully maguire and man oh man it was such a huge party and I really loved attending doobiego and boy I wish I could go back in time to do it again. Bully maguire if you’re reading this please host doobiego again plz

  • What happened so far

    1. ) fat spammer and Jamal head butt each other
    2. ) Natalie and BLM get slammed by Jamal and his sister plays a big role in the fight
    3. ) Joker kills off whatever was remaining in debate. Org
    4. ) inter mission
    5. ) Jamal comes back to spam
    6. ) A bunch of characters from marvel and Dc start spamming and they drive out Jamal
    7. ) bully maguire and anti bully fight
    8. ) everyone is playing doonbiego
    9. ) Rocket got gamora pregent after Star lord killed himself because he raped his own mother

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