Did you ever stop to wonder: is your personality all there is of you? Do you ever wonder about the soul?

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  • 1. The personality is a human structure. 2. The soul is a spiritual construct.

    When we are young, we are told what is acceptable so we repress the exact opposite, and hence, we have created our personality. Our personality develops an ego which acts as a stabilizer for us. As we live our life, we try to fit in with our family and with society, and we end up adopting certain behaviors. This conduct gets ingrained within our personality each year we live.

    Our personality follows the acceptable worldview of our family and general public. What we can outwardly see, touch, taste, smell and hear dominates. Our personality is a valuable asset we have as it grants us is the ability to live in our world.

    Now for the Soul

    The soul does not take on a form like our personality does, but instead is more abstract. The soul is ruled by our inner world, instead of our outer world. The five senses don’t have any power in this inner world, so we have to tap into another sense. What we see, hear and feel inwardly is our soul speaking to us.

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