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  • No, I didn't.

    I don't ever click on anything that my friends post on facebook because most of the time it is a scam. It is very disheartening how rampant viruses have become on facebook and it is one of the main reasons that I am almost never on it anymore. They will lose a lot of people if they can't get this under control

  • No, I did not

    I hadn't even heard of it until it became a big deal and every one was being warned about it. There are scams like this all the time, and if I have to click on outside links and download anything I don't click on it. If you actually pay attention to what you are doing when using the internet, it's pretty easy to avoid phishing scams.

  • Facebook color changing scam

    I most definitely did not fall for any facebook color changing scam. I do not fall for any scams really so this one was no different. I know that if Facebook had the option to change their color it would be announced on their website and be available in their settings options.

  • No, I very rarely fall for Facebook scams.

    No, I very rarely fall for Facebook scams. I not on Facebook all the time so I don't encounter allot of scams. I think I have a good idea about what things to avoid when I am online today. I think that common sense goes a very long way on the Internet.

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