• Personally, yes indeed

    My parents happen to love me a lot. Whether that is true for all families, is not the case I know. Now it is horrible that some kids are sad in the homes that they are currently in, but did you really get enough hugs? People always ask me this, and I think I did.

  • I was not loved

    My parents were always out of the house. They had too much work to do and had no time for me or my brothers. They always cared for us with food and clothing, but never felt like they wanted to love me. I hope I can sympathize with young people on this one.

  • My parents beat me...

    My parents didn't spank me, they beat me. I was never told what I did wrong. I was spanked on an average of 8 times a week. If I was doing my homework, and I got something wrong - beaten. If I accidentally spilled juice (even with the attempt to clean it up) - beaten. I remember being very afraid of my parents and as a result, we have a strained relationship.

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