Did you graduate from high school (yes) or are you a drop out (no)?

Asked by: joseph.stracener
  • I graduated from high school.

    I am proud to say that I am a high school graduate. It took a lot of work, but I am glad that I kept
    working at it until I reached my goal.
    Job prospects are not good for people who didn’t graduate from high
    school. Hopefully soon, I will be a
    college graduate also.

  • Yes, I Did

    Yes, I graduated from high school about seventeen years ago.

    I'm not sure what further elaboration is required to answer this opinion topic in order to reach the fifty word minimum. Perhaps some random unimportant rambling is what is necessitated by the inane requirements of this debating and opinion website.

  • "Drop Out" is an intentional term used to brainwash

    I was an honor student up until my senior year. Then I figured it out what was happening to me - the school system was trying to make me (and every student) obedient to their wishes. They were not trying to "educate me". So I quit!

    What did my parents, neighbors and they school say say? They tried to make me feel like a lowlife. "You're nothing" they said to that effect. Then when I became very successful they all praised me and wanted to be my friend. If I weren't a nice person I would have told them to get lost, but I didn't.

    You think what is taught in high schools is "education"? What is education? It is simply learning how to find happiness! Did your school teach you how to take care of your teeth? No they didn't. But do you know why this fact is so important to your happiness? Because without knowing and practicing this you risk potential time consuming, major expense, discomfort/pain and nuisance for years to come.

    Did I find happiness? Yes. I found incredible happiness but I also learned that as life goes on you can evolve for yourself. The truth is if you try your best then you will have reoccurring wonderful moments the rest of your life. Obviously there are hard times, grief, etc..

    Please know that high school, at least the way it was and is today, is not the answer. It does much harm and no good. Don't call people "drop outs". At best it indicates that you are uneducated.

  • I am a drop out

    I am a drop out of high school and I am not very proud of it and I want to go back and get my diploma. Right now i am stuck with a dead end job living with my parents so if your reading this do not drop out of high school

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