• Our God is a loving God

    . He is so loving he helps me in everything i do, before i do some thing i pray and he gives it to me when i prayed to help me in a race he help me and i came 2nd in state, he is so amazing and thats why he sent his son to save us. :)

  • I thank God everyday

    My father was an excellent man. I thank God for every him everyday. He made me in the man I am today. He taught me responsibility, courage, honesty and hard work. I love him for that. He shaped me into who I am today. With great power comes great responsibility.

  • Thankfully, I did!

    My Dad was a bachelor, for many years. He married at age 39. He was 47, when I was born. Daddy was very loving & doting, as a parent. Still, he set rules & expected them to be followed. He was the one who helped, when I was having problems with Math. When I took my first Foreign Language, he was the one I turned to. Daddy spoke 5 languages, fluently. He taught me many life lessons that I still reflect upon, today. When I was 8, he taught me to play golf. In high school, when I played on the Golf Team, he was always there to support me. Daddy believed you could be anything you wanted to be. He didn't see a gender-gap, even though he acknowledged that there was one. He would tell me, "It just means you have to work harder to beat 'em at their own game." He was right. Some of the very best memories that I have, in my life, have my father in them. He was a jewel!

  • Yes of course.

    I know he loves me. Though he didn't pay his mortgages and was in a lot of debt (which my mom had to cover for). He was very playful and caring. But he was also religious and he would sometimes in the past, whoop my a$$ when I was naughty with a belt. Then of course I got my step father since my parents divorced when I was young . He's very strict but also caring about me. He worried about me when I was young constantly. But he provided for the family very well and I was able to live in comfy places, go to rich schools and so on. Though he's divorced as well and he has his own true son that he's never seen for years now. Because he misses him, he can't really give me all the love as honestly as he can. In the past he would get so angry at me that it looked like he was going to punch me if I didn't get away. We had some arguments like that. But I think both my fathers were loving. That I can be sure of,

  • Depends on your definition of love

    I do not doubt that my father cares about me unconditionally, but he left my family (me, my mom, and my 2 siblings) high and dry at a very young age. I remember my dad being caring and playful, but he put his needs before ours.
    He did not love us enough to make sure we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, but he did love us enough to regret not being in our lives. He did not love us enough to make an effort to be apart of our lives, but he did he did love us enough to feel guilty about it.

    Posted by: DanT
  • Abused and confused

    The short answer is NO! He abused us and his own mother says he was a no good Dad. He abused my brother to the point he is physically and mentally handicapped. He is now and has been for a while, in a nursing home because he hit a tree while driving and cant take care of his self.

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