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  • Did not know

    It seems that no one knew about the hidden wire about American cities. It is just another thing that citizens are not told that affects them. There are far too many secrets being kept from regular people and we should be told about things like this hidden wire that is above American cities.

  • What hidden wire?

    I have never heard about a hidden wire that exists above American cities. I now find out that it has to do with delineating a neighborhood as part of the Jewish Sabbath observance. Perhaps I would have heard about it if I lived in a city with a more significant Jewish population.

  • No, I do not know about the hidden wire above American cities.

    No, I do not know about the hidden wire about American cities. I do not know of how a hidden wire could be placed above American cities. A hidden wire above American cities would be dangerous for birds to and other air activities. A wire could not be hidden about American cities without someone's knowledge.

  • Truly fascinating stuff

    I had no clue that most of Manhattan was sealed off with a metaphorical wall (represented by wire/string) allowing Jewish people to "carry" on the Sabbath within the neighborhood. To think of what an ordeal it must be to make sure it is ready before every week must be a huge undertaking.

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