• I liked Solange Knowles' wedding photos.

    Wedding are meant to be happy days. Solange Knowles shows happiness in their wedding photos. As with any photography session, there will be some bad shots, but for the biggest part, all of these wedding pictures were done quite professionally. My largest hope is that this wedding lasts longer than most.

  • No, Solange Knowles Wedding Photos Are Only A Photo Op

    No, I did not like Solange Knowles' wedding photos because I believe they were staged as a photo opportunity for the careers of her celebrity sister and her husband. Select photos of the bridal party would be appropriate. Unfortunately many celebrities turn this event into something that appears to look like a circus; and worse, another way to make more money. Celebrities should take their vows and the vows of their family and friends more seriously.

  • No, I did not like Solange Knowles' wedding photos.

    No, I did not like Solange Knowles' wedding photos. I am not much of a photo person, so no photos really appeal to me outside of direct family. Add on top of this the fact that celebrities and family of celebrities get too much camera time as it is makes them even less appealing.

  • Why is this even a debate?

    Personally, I do not care about celebrities nor their photos. If this was a debate on a normal person's wedding photos we wouldn't even be having this debate. I for one, do not know who Solange Knowles is, therefore I do not care about her wedding photos. I'll never understand why people become so obsessed with celebrities and their personal lives.

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