Did you like The Fault in Our Stars? (movie or book, doesn't matter).

Asked by: Stefy
  • Didn't see the movie. Loved the book.

    The Fault In Our Stars is great. The dialogue between Hazel and Augustus is pure genius. I wish I could write dialogue as well as John Green executes his in the book. It gave a perspective on the world that I hadn't ever thought about before. Hazel is so relatable that, cancer or not, everyone can relate to some part of her.

  • A new twist on the classic love story

    I think the story is amazing. It gives hope to people dealing with health issues and tells them that yes it is possible to fall in love just the way you are. It's honestly the classic love story, just with a few attachments. It's a good story. Although it is a little too fluffed up, it still deals with dark things and really makes you think about your life.

  • I was looking forward to this; I was disappointed.

    Right from the outset, I could tell the movie was trying to hard to put a "twist" on a conventional romance, which in itself is a cliche. There were several predictable things about the movie's plot and the ending was cliche and predictable. There was no clear plot conflict (an essential part of any fiction) until half to three-quarters through the movie. The characters were too specifically designed as fan service.
    To conclude, this movie was just too over-engineered in all aspects that is was painfully apparent. Now, in it's defense I did water up at the end but that was the only point I felt any emotion besides cringing for the whole movie.

  • A vicious assault on storytelling. To put it lightly.

    To start off I do not take issue with how the struggle of cancer is portrayed in this book and my dislike of it has nothing to do with my opinion on the struggle of cancer patients, real of fictional.
    My biggest problem with this book is the characters. All of them are extremely one dimensional and do not feel like real people. Augustus is overly perfect and Hazel is made of cardboard. The only main character who managed to get me at all invested was Isaac because they gave him a personality, but he barley got any attention in the story. The only character that felt like a real human being to me was the author, who again, got hardly any time in the story. The reason this is such a gigantic issue is because one of the stories main themes is the fear of being forgotten. In real life this is devastating for anyone no matter who they are because they are a human being with feelings and consciousness. With the characters in this book I couldn't stop myself from asking why I should care that these people might be forgotten which is horrible but I think justifiable because the author failed to make them feel like living human beings.
    My second issue is the writings style. I don't now how to describe it accept that the dialog was unnatural and I felt like I spent the whole story reading a bad fanfic.
    Also, don't make out in the Anne Franke house. Not cool.

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