• It was a great prequel

    I thought it was an excellent way to show the evil queens point of view on the whole sleeping beauty story. I feel like Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job for he part, she fit it very nicely. I also believe that the evil queen really wasn't evil, she was just put in a bad situation and then later viewed as evil because she was more or less betrayed, hurt and wanted revenge. I loved the ending though and it had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would come next!

  • It was revolutionary

    They took a Disney movie from the late 1950s and portrayed from their own individual side. I enjoyed how they portrayed Maleficient as more of a protagonist and Stefan as the main villain, the opposite of the Disney version. Angelina Jolie's performance was very convincing, she was a pretty good choice to play the character.

  • Completely Defecates on the Source Material

    Don't get me wrong: The Disney adaption changed the original Grimm tale, but the changes made sense. The original tale was very dark, and the had to alter it to the "Disney standard." The original 1959 was not perfect, but that only makes me more disappointed. They completely changed the Maleficent character, making her a dark, empty woman, willing to kill a baby for not getting an invitation. The movie made Maleficent a jealous, man hating, child loving woman, and changed the King into a completely unlikable character. They basically went "let's steal the twist from Frozen," and the ending and CGI was terrible. Oh and the fairies... Completely idiotic and useless.

  • Horrific Disney letdown

    Let's see, where to start...
    The word "maleficent" in itself means "evil". This movie takes the most iconic representation of evil in the disney world and tries to justify it. You cannot defend the devil.
    She doesn't turn into a dragon, doesn't retain any of her former abilities as they were. She is a totally different character.
    People keep telling me about her cry of despair when her wings were cut off and how awesome it was... That was not exceptional, she did better in Salt when her husband got killed. TOM HANKS COULD MAKE YOU CRY OVER A VOLLEYBALL! COME ON!
    The other fairies were so dumb and annoying it wasn't even funny. Aurora herself is an emblem of stupidity. King stefan, well, I cannot see anything either believable or loveable about that character.
    The love story between Aurora and the prince... Seriously? Ridiculous!

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