• It was inaccurate, but interesting.

    I read the book. I'm a die-hard Lord of the Rings nerd. I hated the first movie, because it was inaccurate and extremely boring. The second movie was inaccurate, but very interesting. Both movies were more like stories loosely based on characters, places, and events from the Hobbit. But the second one was good. The first one was bad.

  • Desolation of Smaug

    Unexpected Journey was good, but lacked the action packed thrill i seek in movies. I was thinking the same thing until Smaug came along. Wow. Just Wow. The effects were great and i tip my hat to Peter Jackson. I'll slog through another middle earth just to spend more time with that dragon.

  • Fun, Action-Packed, Moving and Overall Best Film of 2013!

    Whilst An Unexpected Journey set the mood and was entertaining for it's light and humorous tone, it lacked a lot of the plot development and there was relatively little action that took place. However, in the second movie, Jackson adds in a whole new wave of events both in the books and that he has added in himself and keeps the audience on their edge of their chair throughout the movie with little time to catch your breath amongst the intense action scenes and the moving interactions between the members of Durin's family.

    Whilst I have to admit that I wasn't a large fan of Tauriel, what seemed to have happened was Jackson had attempted to create a strong and independent female character that might have worked very well has she not then been completely defined by her love interests. Which in my opinion, ruined the potential she had as a character.

    In this film you explore a lot more of the dynamics between the main characters, especially from Thorin and both his nephews which adds to a side of the story that the book only scratched at. And there were no disappointments meeting Thranduil, Legolas, Smaug, the Necromancer and Bard! The characters were played brilliantly by their respective actors.

    Only 11 months to go for the final film now!

  • Oh yes I do

    Such a good movie, such a a good plot, love the characters and everything. Although movies never compare to the book, this one was a good one. Except if they leave another freaking cliff hanger, I'm goanna rage. I mean I know there is suppose to be three parts but I still HATE cliff hangers. Cudos to the producers though, quite a successful movie!

  • Best Movie of 2013

    Seriously, I loved this movie.... I went to go see it with my mom, and I think we can both agree that it was (slightly) better than Catching Fire. This movie has you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie,and never lets up on the gas. Smaug was amazing. The special effects were fantastic, but you can tell it's digital.
    I really can't see why people don't like this movie. I totally recommend it.

  • Yes, I liked the new Hobbit movie.

    I liked the new Hobbit movie. Smog looked very good in the movie. The gold that he was guarding looked to be as much as in the book. The dwarf kingdom looked insanely good as well. This movie really set the next movie up very well. I can't wait for the next one.

  • DOS had good plot flow and wonderful acting

    I was skeptical, but this movie was fantastic! Beorn was exactly how I imagined him, Smaug was the perfect dragon, Kili and Tauriel were adorably sweet, and Bilbo was great. It made me laugh, jump, and tear up a little. The only bad part was that it ended in the middle of the story. Can't wait for the next movie.

  • Better plot than Unexpected Journey.

    In this movie, you actually have more than them just mindlessly walking practically unhindered. It has a more diverse plot, showing multiple stories, when Bilbo is in the mountain, Kili's wounds and getting past them, Gandalf fighting Sarun, and Gilian prepping to attack Smaug, it covers many more aspects of a film.

  • I thought it was very good.

    The story was great. I really enjoy the whole idea of Middle-Earth, and this movie as well as the prequel and the LOTR series really stimulates that. I thought the effects were good at the beginning. I think it was intended to be made in 3D, because everything seemed to come at me. In normal 3D movies, that does not usually happen. Although, at the end, the melted gold looked totally fake. I do not know if they were rushed, or if they just could not make it look any better, but they could have done better on that. But besides the effects towards the end, I thought it was a great movie. I would definitely watch it again.

  • One word: Boring

    Although I have not read any of the books, the hobbit did disappoint me. Throughout the first half of the movie, there was no really good action. There was so little action that half of my friends fell asleep and I had to keep waking them up. The middle and middle end was alright but the ending did not have any closure much like the first one and made me feel like I had watched the whole 3 hour (roughly) movie for nothing. At the end of the day, it was just not worth my time going to the theater and watching the hobbit

  • I wouldnt see it again

    The two parts of the whole movie that were watchable was the appearence of Suaron and the Dragon fight, which combined lasted about 1/10th of the entire movie.... I would much rather have seen Frozen a third time then have seen this movie the first time, and I have no idea whether or not ill see the next Hobbit film at this point.

  • Alas, another disappointment

    Though I didn't like the first one either, that one I found tolerable. However, the second part of the trilogy didn't capture me. There was too little character development and emotional bonding for me to really be bothered with the characters, even the one whom this film was supposed to be about (the actual Hobbit, I mean). Though many may say that it provided great eyecandy, in my opinion a film needs to be enticing and believable (unfortunate orcs, anyone?) - something they didn't achieve.

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