• Yes I did.

    As I worked for a small company, I noticed that Cyber Monday and Black Friday are very crucial days for them and they count a lot on their sales in these days. So, I purchased from small businesses and I believe that they need the support of the public to thrive.

  • Yes, I spent money online on Cyber Monday.

    Yes, I ordered a sweater and some gifts on Cyber Monday. However, I was very careful about the price. When I realized that an item I wanted was at a good price I ordered it, not because it was Cyber Monday but simply because it was a good deal. You have to know your prices and shop wisely these days, and that's what I did.

  • yes, i'm a cyber monday purchaser

    Yes I participated in the purchasing of items this cyber monday. Cyber monday is as great a shopping day as black friday with just as many sales. Especially with the perks of buying a large selection of items and not only saving with specific % off and the added bonus of free shipping and handling, who can go wrong?

  • No, I didn't order anything for Cyber Monday.

    Thanksgiving sale, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday: all drummed up excitement about commercialism. In the time period where everyone is supposed to be thinking about how grateful they are, for food and family or just because they weren't given small pox blankets and rounded up into reservations, America expresses it's thanks for the only thing it knows: empty commercialism.

  • Why We Should Support Stores in Your City.

    I did not order anything online on Cyber Monday because I believe we should give our money to local stores in your city. The stores will profit from it, and the city will profit from it, if we all go cyber and shop online, only that online store will profit from it, which is unfair. We live in a community, and we need to put all our money into our community.

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