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  • I do mine right away

    I do my taxes as soon as possible and take them to an accountant that I have used for years in order to get my refund back as quickly as possible. Because of this I do not get any freebies or other discounts or things of that nature that are offered by bigger companies.

  • Skipped on Tax Day freebies

    Every year on April 15th, many businesses offer freebies in honor of Tax Day. A majority of people take advantage of these opportunities while others may not know about them or don't care about the freebies. I was one of the few who didn't know about the Tax Day freebies, I was too busy filing my taxes at the last minute to concentrate on the freebies. Although, if I wasn't preoccupied about my taxes and had known about the freebies beforehand, I would've taken advantage of them.

  • Tax day freebies tend to require extra purchases.

    This year's tax day "freebies" didn't tend to be free at all, rather requiring a purchase I may have not otherwise made in order to acquire anything of actual value. I don't tend to clip coupons or seek out free "swag," as my time is more valuable when spent working for actual wage that chasing down handouts.

  • No, I didn't take advantage of any Tax Day free things.

    No, I didn't take up the offer of any Tax Day freebies. I didn't know such a thing existed, or I would have. Companies should do a better job of advertising that they do this. Such things generate goodwill in the buying market, and I would have loved to try something new that I might have stuck with.

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