Did you think Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" was about violence?

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  • No, the use of the word "hit" was a misunderstanding by the Swedish songwriters who wrote the lyrics.

    The two songwriters responsible for the lyrics believed that "hit me" meant "call me" in American slang. The song is supposed to be about a young girl missing her boyfriend and asking him to call her on the 'phone. It was written for TLC but the band refused to sing those words. When Britney's record label released the single, they removed "Hit me" from the title.

  • No, Baby One More Time is not about violence

    When Brittney Spears sings 'Hit me baby one more time,' she is not asking for a physical smack. She is asking for one for chance. The 'hit' is referring to meeting up again. She is essentially 'hitting him up' for her to see him again. In no part of the song, is there a mention on physical abuse.

  • No, I did not.

    I thought it was about sex. If it was about violence they did a very good job of covering it up. After all the phrase "I'd hit that " was very much in vogue at the time and it means I'd have sex with that person. Also the music video speaks for itself.

  • It was not about violence.

    Britney Spears' hit 'Baby One More Time' is not about violence. It is just a silly teenage song that is obviously talking about getting physical, not hurting someone. People need to stop being so sensitive about everything and trying to read something into things that are innocent and making them bad.

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