Did you think The Amazing Spiderman 2 was a good movie?

Asked by: Speakerfrthedead
  • Yes it was

    I mean like the amazing spider-man 2 was a pretty amazing movie the villians with electro and The new green goblin was good the soundtrack was good. The fight scenes. . . Yes they was good like the first one against electro and spiderman was good and all but i don't understand this movie got so much hate

  • My favorite Spider Man movie ever

    I thought this movie was great for so many reasons, I mean they found a way to combine heart racing action with heart breaking consequences. And i personally loved the way Andrew Garfield portrayed the character, Going from his is un-flinching bravery, To his commitment to doing the right thing, Not to mention his love for Gwen up to her last breath. . . Literally. And the way they found out how to incorporate so many sub plots ans spin-off ideas in one movie amazed me with depth and a story behind every villan. Overall I just thought it was a great movie and I wish Sony were coming out with a part three.

  • I loved it

    I will agree it is not the best but neither the worst Spider-Man movie, It had a good plot with good villains and has great visual effects it is fun, Action packed, And it had 3 members that were part of the Sinister Six or Marc Webb's version plus lizard in the first one so Yeah I thoroughly enjoyed it

  • It tried something different

    The movie tried something a little different with the spider-man mythos. Something that is apparently blasphemy in the spider-man community. The movie was focused on Peter trying to find out what happened to his father and actually had a strong romance character in Gwen Stacy. Plus, i like how it shows peter actually getting to be an adult, unlike most other spider-man media where he stays a a teenager his entire life

  • I Loved Amazing Spiderman 2

    I Absolutely loved Amazing Spiderman 2 it's my new Favorite Spiderman Movie :-D . I just Don't understand all the hate the Characters where well Acted story was a cohesive entertaining Narrative the Special effects where Cool ELECTRO Rhino and Goblin looked great! The Sound TRACK Was Flawless and they had the balls to kill Gwen Stacy I Want Amazing Spiderman 3

  • No Origin Story,Best Spider-Man costume,Dane DeHaan,and Relationship with Peter And Gwen. But the best scene is with Spider-Man and the kid.

    Honestly,this movie is good but it is Quite flawed,most of the flaws come from Paul Giamatti and Jamie Foxx's performances,they are laughably dull. And the begining scene in the airplane,there are Sony Vio Laptops in the old times. And that crappy attempt at a "dubstep" remix was stupid,but my favorite scene in the fight between spidey and electro,is that during the fight,gwen is just holding a metal pole. But other than that it was still an okay movie.

  • I think amazing spider man 2 is the best spider man.

    I say this because in the early 2000 series it is way too serious, The early 2000s series is good but in it Tobey Maguire, (peter parker) takes Uncle Ben's words way too seriously. In spider man homecoming which is a very good movie has too many jokes. And he is not that really serious in it, I am not saying it is the worst spider man it is my third favorite behind the amazing spider man movies (sorry, Tobey Maguire). Finally there is Andrew garfield in both amazing spidermans. Andrew Garfield in these movies especially amazing spider man 2 makes you feel inspired, he makes you have this feeling. A feeling you can't describe. Amazing spider man 1 and 2 are great movies, because he did something the other movies failed to do, he had both serious and hilarious combined into spider man. He gets serious in the movie when he needs to and he makes jokes in the movies when he needs to. Over all Andrew Garfield is the best actor and I am a true fan of him. Without andrew garfield I would not be who I am today. Andrew Garfeild in spider man gives you hope.

  • Yes it is

    By far, the best Spider-Man to ever come out. It's a perfect movie in my eyes. I honestly don't even think some of the people who like this movie know how good of a movie this actually is. Phenomenal job by the director (Marc Webb), music (Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr) Actors/Actress (Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan) and all the way from the writing credits to the editorial department, this film was just...AMAZING!! [Generator Whirrs Off]...Circuit 39 :D

  • Best movie of 2014!!!! Screw those stupid critics!!

    When I saw the trailer for this film, I thought it was going to be great. Guess what? I was right!! I don't see why people hate on this movie so much... Maybe it's because of that stupid Captain America movie. Also, don't ever listen to those stupid annoying critics. They are the one of the stupidest things in the world!! Anyways, here are the reasons why I love the film:

    1. Awesome special effects (even better if you watching it in IMAX!)
    2. Electro and Green Goblin were amazing!
    3. Great acting from great actors!
    4. Romantic chemistry between Peter and Gwen!
    5. Green goblin transformation scene was one of those "oh my god this is going to be so dope!" moments.
    6. It's the spider man that we have always wanted! (Funny and cocky comics version)
    7. Aunt may scenes were emotional.
    Overall the movie was epic! But, here are the things that I don't like:
    1. Rhino's short screen time
    2. Final battle between spidey and Goblin. (Though it was too intense and short. Needs to be a lot longer and a lot less intense)
    3. Too much dialogue (don't worry, those 2 hrs and 22 mins will fly by very fast!)
    4. Story still focuses on peters parents.
    5. Too many subplots
    6. Focus on one villian not 3!
    7. Should have included the scene in which Spiderman beats the Green Goblin to death after Gwens demise!! (That would be an awesome scene!!)
    8. It ends where it's about to get good!
    Well, that is it!

  • Yes it was

    I thought the Amazing Spiderman 2 was the best Spiderman movie that has ever been made. The way that it is directed puts it far and above all previous Spiderman movies, because it isn't just about senseless action, and the superhero himself. It has elements of almost every kind of movie genre that you can think of. The action scenes were remarkable, and the visual effects were second to none. Dane DeHaan in particular does a great job as Harry Osborn, as he shows Harry's gradual descent into rage and madness very vividly. Andrew Garfield finds the balance of humor, joy, and maturity he needs to fully realize himself as Spiderman. He did a tremendous job. Emma Stone was awesome as usual, and she and Garfield's chemistry is amazing. The ending was played out so well, and the scene showing Peter at Gwen's gravesite throughout every season is so poignant and sad. I loved every minute of this movie, and the only complaint I have is the music that Electro makes as he bounces Spiderman around on the energy towers. All in all, it was a masterpiece of a film, in my opinion.

  • The Secret Life of an American Superhero

    If you are a teenage girl, Twilight fan, or both, you would probably enjoy this soap opera of a movie that is The Amazing Spiderman 2. I compare this movie to the TV show on ABC Family, "The Secret Life of an American Teenager". I walked into the movie theater expecting to see an action packed superhero extravaganza and instead I got a two hour sob story from multiple characters. "Oh my father died" or "Oh my girlfriend died". Maybe if Petey kept his promise to Gwen's father she would still be alive. The two action scenes, the one at the beginning with the stolen Oscorp truck and the one at the end Electro vs. Spiderman, were alright although there were very cheezy effects. I mean can someone explain the electronic/dubstep song created by Electro as he struck those electric poles? Completely unnecessary. The only people who would enjoy this terribly executed movie are the teenage girl Twilight- fans. Emurr18 your opinion is way off. Top 5 worst movie of the year. It is hard to mess up a superhero movie but they did. Not even the sweet hair of Andrew Garfield could save this movie.

  • The Secret Life of an American Superhero

    When I went to the movie theater to see the Amazing Spiderman 2 I expected an action packed two hour superhero extravaganza. What I got was a love story that could only possibly appeal to teenage girls. This movie reminded me of the television show on ABC family, "The Secret Life of an American Teenager". The two action scenes, the one at the beginning with the stolen Oscorp truck and at the end Electro vs. Spiderman, were well done albeit with cheesey effects. Especially the techno song playing as Electro struck the electro pole things. Give me one reason that should be included in the movie. Perhaps I only have a positive opinion on the action scenes because they were a break from the Twilight- styled teen love drama. In conclusion I would not pay the high ticket prices of the movie theater to see this movie unless you are a fan of the Twilight series.

  • This is literally the worst Spider-Man "film," if you could even call it that.

    This movie is cheap entertainment and deserves to be called no less. The musical score by Hans Zimmer is horrendous. This is possibly his worst work in his career. The dubstep theme was the worst villain theme I have heard, possibly, ever. Here are some of the lyrics to the theme.

    He lied to me
    He shot at me
    He hates on me
    He's using me
    Afraid of me
    He's dead to me

    How much more literal may one be? Electro hates Spider-Man. Film is primarily a visual medium. This is essentially spoonfeeding the audience. That was probably included to allow for the lowest denomination of people to understand, but I will never know because I am not in that group of intellectually-inhibited.

    The screenplay is disgusting in its inefficiency. All of the characters are one-dimensional archetypes. Electro is exemplary of this. What are his motivations for going after Spider-Man? Spider-Man forgot his name. As far as the audience knows, he does not have any concrete psychopathic disorder. Most of the actions he makes are uninspired and make no sense. He is the worst Spider-Man villain we have seen on-screen. Spider-Man is a nerd with no depth to him. Tobey Maguire did so much of a better job than Andrew. The only reason he was hired in the first place is to pander towards awkward tweens. Gwen Stacy barely has a character either. Her character is barely established, and she is just in the film to act as a love interest.

    For all of you who say the directing is really good, think again. Marc Webb has stated many times in the past that he was not able to make the film he wanted to due to corporate interests. That is why James Horner left. The film's narrative is nothing but cohesive. The pacing is horrendous. None of the elements, not just in plot, seem to fit together.

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