• Friends is the best show

    10 seasons of nonstop drama and sex. Basically my only complaint. But the comedy and storyline is flawless! I will constantly be waiting for Gunther to go out on a date with Rachel. Honestly I need a reunion episode. So yeah, I watched the series finale. And I got off the plane.

  • I had enough Friends

    It was okay when it was on, enjoyable even. But then it became syndicated and it was on all the time. I still liked it, but then decided I liked who the characters were then, and didn't have a whole lot of interest in what might have happened to them later.

  • No, I dislike the comedy of Friends.

    I believe Friends is a watered-down version of Seinfeld with broad humor that falls flatter as each year passes. While the characters on Seinfeld didn't change, or arc, as the show and seasons progressed, their unwavering enthusiasm to remain the same contributed to the hyper-specific comedy of the show. On the other hand, these same traits in the characters of Friends do not expand a specific brand of humor, instead they spread the humor so thin that it cannot sustain any substance.

  • No, I did not watch the Friends Reunion

    No, I did not watch the Friends Reunion. I did not watch many of the original episodes of Friends either. Friends was clearly a show that catered to one demographic. Thus, it did not have wide appeal to a diverse background. The absence of minorities on the show made me uninterested.

  • I didn't even know it was on yet.

    I believe I would be curious enough to watch the Friends reunion eventually. However, I didn't even know that it already aired. I have not seen advertisements for it on TV. While I did read news that the reunion was on and set to air, they didn't do a good job saying WHEN it was.

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