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  • Boring and biased

    It's cliché. The same people win everytime and it is so boring to see the same faces, the same names. Most of the time the winners are predicted before they are even awarded, such is the predictability of the show. Teens root for the obvious couple and the obvious artists. There isn't much quality anymore, not even in what teenagers are watching so there's really no point. Besides, you can watch replays and online.

    Posted by: GKY
  • waste of time

    Why watch this show, when you can watch highlights online the next day? In today's media, watching anything, especially something as long and full of ads as the Teen Choice Awards is a waste of time. You can sinmply watch the highlights or condensed parts right after the show is over!

  • Don't have the time

    I work all day, I have 4 jobs. The last thing I want to waste my time on is watching some awards show, especially for teenagers. My kids aren't even old enough to care about that, and I highly doubt they will ever be into it, but honestly who knows.

  • Didn't watch the awards

    I did not view the Teen Choice Awards this year. In fact I did not even know they were on. I do not think there was enough advertising on television to promote them. With the internet virtually taking over, I am assuming they used target market websites for the promotion of them.

  • Forget the awards

    I'm no longer a teen so nothing was attracting me to watch the awards. I used to watch the awards when i was a teen which was years ago. The teens don't even know what they're really watching. The television shows are controlled by fat cats who are in it for the money.

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