• Yes, and they will continue to determine the political landscape of the future.

    Younger people are getting more and more involved in politics than ever before, and bring to the table more progressive and enlightened viewpoints than older generations. Dominant social issues such as LBGTQ rights, women’s rights, and the values espoused by the Occupy Wall Street movement are extremely important to most young people of today, and this generation is more determined than ever to see their visions become a reality.

  • Yes, unfortunately

    I think that they did and unfortunately most of them are uneducated about what they were voting on. I work around those types of kids every day and I heard them speaking about voting and for not all the right reasons. They had information that was not correct and you could tell that they were just going off what some one on the street told them.

  • Not Decidedly

    The turning point in favor of Obama was Hispanics, African-American, and women voters, many of whom were young, true, but the youth vote did not tip the scales. Obama won fairly because his policies appealed to a broader base of people, not just older, upper-middle class white men and religious groups. ObamaCare and freedom of choice are by far much more democratic and what the majority of the people want, not just youth.

  • Not especially

    While young voters tended to vote for Obama over Romney, there were plenty of older people-- particular older non-white people-- who also voted for Obama. Obama's greater across the board support is why he won, not any one particular demographic. That said, the Republicans do tend to rely much more on old people, so a greater number of young voters will probably hurt them; I just think it was not the deciding factor in this case.

  • I don't think they did.

    I don't think the younger generator determined the 2012 election, I do think that it helped Obama's candidacy. Obama connected with the younger generation better than Romney did and that helped him. But what determined the 2012 election was the minorities siding with Obama over Romney. Many immigrants sided with Obama's views on immigration and those voter's really helped Obama.

  • No, young voters had a smaller turnout than in 2008

    I don't believe that young voters determined the 2012 election because the data shows that fewer young voters turned out to vote than the record numbers of young voters four years ago. I think that women and minorities were the primary voting groups that put President Obama back in the White House for a second term.

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