Did Zombieland have a large influence on the popularity of zombies?

Asked by: Babeslayer
  • Zombies weren't as popular until Zombieland came out.

    Before zombieland came out, zombie-killing wasn't a big thing. Big zombie films were kind of rare. Nowadays, zombies are the most common form of fictional apocalypse. Why? Well, it has in large part to do with the way Zombieland treated zombies. Prior to Zombieland, the most popular zombie movies were

    -28 Days Later
    -Dawn of the Dead
    -I Am Legend
    -George Romeros "Dead' Series

    These films were good (28 Days Later was great), but they depicted a non-comedic apocalypse. Until Zombieland came along, most zombie killing was seen as a disgusting thing you'd generally want to avoid. This had a large part to do with the fact that none of these moves were comedies. (Sure, Shaun of the Dead was a comedy, but that was clever dialogue humour, not violence bloody humour.) Then Zombieland came out of nowhere to remind the world that violence can be fun too. And although The Walking Dead is a drama show, everyone's favorite part is the zombie killing.

    This is all because of how zombieland treated zombies. Every other zombie movie has at least one scene where they have to kill an infected loved one. Zombieland almost has one of these, but it's a trick.

    No matter how hilarious Shaun of the Dead was, and how scary Dawn of the Dead was, they can't live up to how much Zombieland effected the way we view zombies. We don't view them as something to fear, we view them as shambling dumbasses with squishy heads. If not for Zombieland having things such as zombie kill of the week, these things wouldn't have happened:

    -People wouldn't record and post their favorite zombie kills on youtube from the walking dead
    -Dead Rising 2 wouldn't be so much fun
    -Zombie fans would still be the emo kids, instead of normal people.
    -Some people go so far as to have "Official zombie hunter" on an ID or a bumper sticker. This is seen as normal.

    Zombieland is one of the most influential zombie films of all-time, regardless of what the thought of the movie.

  • Zombies Are Awesome!!!!

    A survival guide on Zombies?! Made into a movie?? Of course I say this has influenced popularity of zombies. Zombieland was simply amazing and zombies are the best! Someone who doesn't like zombies shouldn't watch ZOMBIEland... Makes no sense to watch it if you are not interested in zombies. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • I think Zombieland doesn't deserve to be counted as a "zombie movie"

    Zombieland is one of the worst movies that I have ever watched, to think that people count it as a zombie movie just sickens me. Its more or less a comedy movie with the addition of zombies. I think the true reason why zombies have become so popular is the tv show, The Walking Dead. To have a show weekend to weekend air about zombies and to involve a well written storyline just hooked so many television watchers and writers onto the idea that it added to the fanbase. I myself was a huge zombie fan before The Walking Dead, but to see that there was a well written zombie show on TV made me love the genre even more. Also, to 28 Days Later isnt a zombie movie, even the director says it isn't, they are infected humans with some strong strain of rabies. It is even shown in the beginning with the SPOILER AHEAD, I WARNED YOU: when the monkey bit the person.

  • Night of the Living Dead

    I can't believe I have to write 50 words to tell you about Night of the Living Dead. There is also resident Evil which was out long before zombieland and I would say caused way more popularity of zombies. Plus there are vampires which have basically the same premise. If you want to make a pure distinction that some how eating bodies is sooo much different than just drinking the blood. Vampires are so wasteful.

  • Nowhere near the first...

    Zombieland is incredibly late in the current zombie trend, which started with 28 Days Later. Zombieland is not event the first zombie comedy in this period with Shaun of the Dead coming first. All important texts in the genre date well before Zombieland. It may be responsible for mainstream re-popularity, but that is it. 28 Days reclaimed the zombie from buffer, Zombieland has pushed it back. It is a good movie, but is limited. World War Z would still have been made without Zombieland. From an academic point of view Zombieland offers little and changes little in the history of the genre (I'm writing a thesis on the zombie). Funny - yes, entertaining - yes, the best zombie movie ever - NO, responsible for the popularity of zombies - HECK NO.

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