• Diet Soda for me.

    Diet soda is my preference simply because all the other soda has a very strong sweet taste and I am not much of a sweets person. The Diet version creates a more "watered" down taste that is not overwhelmingly sweet but still has a good amount of flavor for those of us who like a blander drink.

  • Regular is the way to go

    I say this due to the fact that diet has so much more sugar added to them. The artificial sweeteners that are added to diet can be harmful to humans than those in regular pop. Plus, regular tastes better, and doesn't have that bitter taste to it. So, regular is the way to go.

  • Diet is unhealthy.

    There are lots of very bad things that diet soda can do for you it is not only about taste of quality it is that diet soda can lead to heart attack or stoke. It also will give you weight gain cause of the sugar addiction. This is my point.

  • No, regular soda is better

    Diet soda essentially tastes like a slightly worse version of the real thing. Additionally, the artificial sweeteners are worse for human consumption than the sugar in regular soda. If someone is going to drink a soda, they should just go ahead and drink the real thing instead of the diet variety.

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