• The spirit is who we really are and the soul is where our emotions, Knowledge and understanding reside. As beings we are first a spirits.

    We were created in God's image and God is a spirit therefore we were first created in our spirit form and then we were given a body to dwell in this world because this world is a physical world and so we were given a soul as a store house for our emotions, Feelings, Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding.

  • They are separate

    I am sure they are different. Many use them interchangeably but I think this is a mistake. I don't know if I agree with the other posters here so I will give my idea.
    The spirit is where our consciousness (awareness) is stored and it actually resides in the astral plane (where it also keeps a total record of all its life and memories and events), Yet works via the brain to bring consciousness to us,
    The soul is basically the memories and feelings we have but these are held together only during life.
    When we die, Both soul and spirit abandon the body that decays. This is followed by the next stage where the soul "dies" and becomes an unconciouss ghost. It then starts to fragment and these are left either as ghosts, Or they reincarnate. The sprit (consciousness) abandons the soul and withdraws to the astral plane where it resides temporarily.
    In the last stage which occurs at "judgement day". . . It resurrects. What happens is the astral plane becomes unstable and explodes violently and becomes a new universe. The spirit now becomes "god" of this new universe. . . ……. .

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