Difficult yet popular games: If a video game is too difficult, will people still play it?

  • Yes. At least I believe so.

    I myself, am not a patient person, but other people prefer a tough challenge. Dark Souls is a good example. Though Dark Souls is seemingly impossible, people still enjoy a seemingly impossible challenge. Other examples being I Am Bread, and Mirror's Edge. Case in point, even though a game is VIRTUALLY impossible *ba-dum tish*,
    I believe that they should still on shelves in video game stores.

  • Players keep on trying but never give up.

    There once was a game named "Demon Souls" on the PS3 made by From Software, now nobody at the time has heard of this but a few experienced to what is believed the most hardest game since PONG. The death counter was staggering and went through the roof as many players in different worlds died continuously from bosses and/or their own stupidity.Everything went quiet for a couple of years and in 2011 was all Hell on loose,the sequel to Demon Souls:......Dark souls.Now the game is challenging not only the player but the mind of thinking it's too easy as you die from bosses,your stupidity,spells, and bullcrap moves/attacks by enemies/players. Watch as you die continuously and try,try,try and try again.Even that didn't stop the dedicated fans who want to beat the game,it's kinda like Gambling except you cry at the end of another worthless life as the game punishes you for doing stupid stuff like run into a wall,follow the markings left by other players,and Esteck flakes all day everyday.But don't fear, there is one person who can help you fight the bosses and he worships the sun: Solaire "PRAISE THE SUN!!"
    That sums up Dark souls as it basically challenges you over and over again and you punish yourself by playing it again and again and can't stop.
    Multiplayer is jolly cooperative as you can summon others into your game and they can either help you or kill you as invaders trempt into your world and backstab you instantly like a bunch of hackers.Journey into the kingdom as you collect worthless crap.And Blah blah blah Dark Souls 2 came out and blah blah blah.

  • People Love Challenges

    Even a video game is too difficult, people still love to play it. It is because video games are meant to be challenging so people would devote themselves and engage to play the game for a longer time. If the game itself is easy to handle, people won't bother playing it. If the video game is challenging, people tend to like it more and would love to embrace the challenge. When they win in the game, they will feel more satisfied and happy.

  • Yes, people like challenging video games

    Yes, people will play difficult video games and find out ways to master them. People like challenges. Furthermore, mature video games marketed to older audiences cannot be too simple to master. People will enjoy playing challenging video games once they figure out the tricks and techniques that will allow them to excel at the game.

  • I think people like challenging games.

    I think some people like the challenge of difficult games. Although an easier game will probably be more popular, difficult games stimulate your mind. If a game is difficult, it takes a long time, so people can spend more time playing it. I personally think difficult games are interesting and better than simple games.

  • Depends on the player

    Some people like challenging games, some don't as much. Myself I get quickly frustrated, but depending on how much I feel for the game, the motivation, that is one of the main factors in what I will decide if I continue the game. Myself I'm more of a story and graphic lover, even thou I love some challenge some times. But as said before, this is just my opinion. :)

  • I think they will give up

    I think it is great when a game is difficult, but it's a fine line. If a game is too difficult, people will give up if they get frustrated. This happens often when a player gets stuck on a certain level over and over. I think a certain level of difficulty is good, but it shouldn't feel impossible.

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