Digging Out: Are blizzards becoming more common as global warming ramps up?

  • Extreme weather events have been predicted by climate scientists.

    Extreme weather has been such a concern that the Department of Defense has cited climate change as one of the top threats to America's security. Not to mention that there isn't a single scientific org or agency in the world that doesn't recognize the harm we are doing to ourselves. America is the only country in the world that has so many people rejecting the scientific consensus. Thanks Koch brothers.

  • Yes, blizzards are becoming more common.

    It has been funny to listen to the clearly very ignorant discussions about global warming that point out that the winters have been getting colder. It's funny that they don't realize this is precisely what the theory predicts. Winters have been getting colder and more severe every year in a great many places, and we should allow this to wake us up to the dangers of the situation.

  • It does appear that blizzards have become more common as global warming conditions are increasing.

    The increase in global warming conditions has given rise to more blizzards and an increase in the severity of those blizzards. This happens because global warming increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere which in turn provides for increased precipitation from all forms and types of storms, including blizzards.

  • This is like saying an increase in salad in the American's diet has cause more obesity

    Global Warming isn't a problem. Global cooling is a problem. What climate control sheep don't realize is, using an argument that directly disproves your argument to try strengthening your argument hurts your situation and doesn't convince anyone that you are right. It proves you are willing to believe anything and that you ignore things that actually matter. How about getting some freedom to other countries where they don't have the luxury to worry about a non-existent problem?
    Is it true the worlds climate is changing? Sure. Is recycling nice? Sure. Will recycling and using one piece of toilet paper save the planet? Please, don't insult yourself.
    IT IS CALLED WEATHER. Guess what? Climates change! It's natural, and humans cannot "control" the climate. The world takes care of itself.
    That said, it doesn't mean we should purposefully pollute nature excessively, but a certain amount of human waste will always exist and is inevitable. Stop worrying about things that do not matter and focus on real life.

  • global warming does not cause blizzards

    The idea that global warming is causing more blizzards is silly. Blizzards involve cold not warmth. The idea that global warming is behind every bad weather event is sheer sensationalism. Blizzards and hurricanes happen and are not being caused by global warming. There were a lot more blizzards during colder global periods than warmer ones.

  • We are over reacting

    How would global warming have anything to do with blizzards? To me those seem like opposites. I think if anything we are seeing less blizzards or what is now getting deemed as a blizzard so when they do occur they are getting blown out of proportion in order to give tv stations and newspapers something to talk about.

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