Digital rights management: Is digital rights management justified?

  • yes i agree Digital rights

    Yes i see nothing wrong with it Digital rights management yes digital rights management justified we need a digital rights management justified we al way need a digital rights management justified to keep things in order and under control so even for software account it will be wise to have.

  • Stop Relying on Government

    I don't have a problem with sites and companies implementing their own DRM schemes. What I have a problem with is them going to the government and getting laws like the DMCA passed, which prohibit people from circumventing them. This is government protectionism in its purest form. Make your DRM scheme, but if someone breaks or circumvents it, make a better one; do not go running to the government and cry for the hacker's arrest.

  • DRM is uselss

    Digital rights management (DRM) is another in a long series of attempts by major entertainment corporations to protect an old and out dated business model, and keep the huge profit margins they believe they deserve. DRM is ineffectual, easily hacked the day a new piece of media is released and only exists to the detriment of law abiding citizens.

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