Digital tip jars: Is it easier to tip with a credit card than in cash?

  • Yes, tipping with a credit card is more convenient.

    Yes, it is easier to tip with a credit card rather than in cash. Due to the convenience of credit cards and not having to carry cash in a wallet or purse, digital tipping is much easier. Adding the tip to the total amount is quick and consumers don't have to fumble around with cash. These days, many people do not even carry cash on them and simply swipe their card. The tip and payment of the bill can be taken care of in one step!

  • Yes money will save in bank

    Yea money will save in bank not in pocket, That will be a safe also.So we can't be afraid because we can't have to carry the cash,We By giving the tip with credit card our time will be save because by that process we should not count the money .we can directly swip the card

  • no, it is not.

    The tip jar at coffee shops is often an embarrassment for the kind
    of people who pay for everything with their credit cards and rarely have
    small change on hand. "It's just hard to hear amongst the ambient sounds of coffee
    grinding, music, air conditioning and chatter," she said. "That's a big
    flaw that we're fixing: amping up the change-clinking configuration in
    the next unit."

  • Tipping cash or credit

    In my opinion it is way easier to tip with cash than with a credit card. I always use cash anyways and you can just take some extra money and leave it on the table to leave a tip. You can also get some of the extra cash from people around the table.

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