• Why the fuck not?

    Water is fucking terrible for the environment, People use it all up and those cunts can't replace it other than their sorry piss, And that won't make my weed plant grow. So yeah its terrible, We should all drink milk from now on, Because then the cows will do dry and we will have to go back to water.

  • A Deadly Substance

    Dihydrogen Monoxide is a very dangerous substance. Every living creature that consumes it eventually dies. It is also a major component in acid rain and found in all large lakes and rivers across the world leading to the contamination of thousands of animals and humans yearly. This is a very serious issue and it is important that we fight for the governments of the world to ban this horrific substance.

  • It ruins lives.

    Think about this, every single Serial Killer has consumed Dihydrogen Monoxide, every Rapist has consumed Dihydrogen Monoxide, every evil world leader has consumed Dihydrogen Monoxide. In fact, did you know that we actually have photos of Adolf Hitler drinking Dihydrogen Monoxide?
    It doesn't get any more real than this... There are even some photos floating around of Donald Trump drinking Dihydrogen Monoxide.
    This isn't some kind of fake news or something. This is real life Wake up people

  • It Kills Humans

    Every single person who drinks dihydrogen monoxide dies, and in large amounts it can cause water intoxication, lmao. This is see through the women who drank a lot of water for a radio contest and died tragically before she could get her prize.
    Even animals who drink it eventually die.

  • Ban the dangerous chemical now!

    Around 3,500 people die from Dihydrogen Monoxide every year in the US alone. It ruins more and more usable land. It builds up and lingers creating conditions for bacteria and viral outbreaks.
    The stuff even erodes solid rock!
    Too dangerous and hazardous to the environment and us. Ban it now!

  • Misleading title and is actually good for the enviroment

    Lets break the word down di which means two, hydrogen is the name for well the element hydrogen mono meaning one and oxide which means oxygen. H2O sound familiar or in other names water. I remember this prank and boy was it a good one convincing people to sign a petition to ban it.

  • Ha ha lol.

    Okay, all the no's seem like trolls so I'm not going to suggest that they're dumb, but lol!!!!! Seriously people, for those of you who think that dihydrogen monoxide is dangerous . . . Um its water lol!!!!! Think about it, dihydrogen = two hydrogen, and monoxide = two oxygen, then it's H2O haha! You see, it's actually really beneficial to us but yes unfortunately everyone who drinks it dies!!!! But we need it, so!!!!!

  • Dihydrogen monoxide is water.

    Water is very important and not bad for the enviroment. One time my science teacher tried to prank the entire class like this. She kept telling us how dihydrogen monoxide is polluting the water system, and how it can erode solid rock. Once she had everyone convinced, she told us, of course.

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