Diplo wants to buy Taylor Swift a new butt: Do actions like this negatively influence women's body image?

  • Being a Douche Doesn't Fix Anything

    His comment made me very angry. Taylor is a very beautiful woman and deserves to be treated like one. Guys like this make women feel insecure and are the reason why girls try to make themselves look better for guys. Besides, it's not like being rude to anyone makes you feel any better about yourself.

  • You are attempting to change something...

    When offering these things to people like celebrities, what does that force women to feel? Having an average, lack of, or having a large butt is something that is natural. Telling someone they need to change that for whatever reason forces women to feel unequal. This action is just negatively showing how women need to be the sign of perfection.

  • Yes, actions like this negatively influence women's body image.

    Yes, actions like this negatively influence women's body image. As long as a woman is healthy, she should be happy with the bosy she has been given. When celebrities use plastic surgery to change their bodies it tells young girls that they have to have a certain body type to be beautiful instead of teaching them they are beautiful in their own way.

  • Yes, actions like this will negatively influence a womans body image.

    Yes, having fake implants is bad when it comes to a females body. It sends a bad message to young girls and women around the world. They may feel they need a bigger butt in order to be accepted in today's society. They may feel that the world only like or want to give praise to those with bigger asses. It will not only discourage young women but will also take away their self-esteem.

  • It's time to face the truth

    Guys will go after girls who are attractive before they go after the "not-so-attractive" ones. That is a true statement. As much as people would like to think that what's on the inside that matters, that is simply not true and most girls know it. You could use every strategy in the book to try and convince them that they are fine the way they are and it's what's on the inside that matters, but it won't work because they know that guys will go after them if they are better looking than the other girls and they would be absolutely correct in thinking that. With that said, I'm sure there will be numerous cases after this Taylor Swift thing where a woman or teenager will go out and buy a new butt. Sure enough, they will be considered attractive by most men and will probably get more friends and gain popularity while the unattractive "natural" girls will be put below her. It's how it works and I honestly don't blame them for getting implant's or plastic surgery or whatever. If I was a woman and I was unsatisfied with my body and am given a chance to change, it would make sense to take that opportunity. I'm not promoting it, I'm just saying that I too would find it irresistible to make that change and probably would. It runs a little bit deeper. It takes a bit of perspective to understand.

  • No, actions such as this don't negatively influence women's body image.

    When it comes to the issue of body image and gender relations, I think everyone need to just take a long, deep breathe, and consider that maybe we're taking all of this just a little too serious. The fact is, every society that has ever existed in history has had some defined standard of beauty, and one that is socially constructed. I seriously doubt that we can easily cast off such a long term, deeply engrained habit.

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