Direct to consumer prescription drug advertisements: Should Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertisements be Banned?

  • Yes, prescription drug advertising should be banned.

    In the United States, at least, it used to not be legal for prescription drugs to be advertised. Now, we see these types of advertisements all over on the television and in magazines; the new stipulation being that they must list the side effects of the drug. This type of advertising is odd, since they encourage people to talk to their doctors about going on various prescription medications. Instead, doctors should make the decisions about whether or not drugs are suggested and prescribed.

  • The purpose of medicine should be to cure, not to monetize.

    Dumping advertisements into a medicine would seem to imply that advertising is needed. In other words, if a particular medicine works, why would you have to be told to go out and seek your doctor asking about it? Surely any drug worth its hype will become the go-to cure for people who are sick no matter what they see on TV.

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