Dirty trick or smart tactic: Did L.T. go to far sending hookers to his opponents' rooms the night before a big game?

  • LT's trick smart, but still dirty

    LT's practice of sending prostitutes to opponents' rooms the night before he faced them on the field may have been a dirty trick, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an effective tactic. Would I condone it? No. Would I use this strategy? No. But no one can deny that it likely helped LT in games!

  • No, his opponents were at fault

    My opinion is that his opponents were responsible for their own mistakes and L.T. was not at fault. Although sending hookers was perhaps not a respectable thing to do, it was not a "dirty trick" because his opponents could have easily subverted his plans by refusing to engage with the hookers.

  • L.T. did everything in his power to give his team the best chance of winning.

    It was a smart tactic by L.T. to send hookers to his opponents' rooms the night before a big game. There is no rule in existence saying that he is not allowed to do so, and it is up to the players of the other team whether they want to let the hookers in or not. It was a smart tactic to get every advantage possible over his opponents.

  • L.T.'s Dirty Trick

    I think L.T. went too far by sending hookers into his opponents' room the night before the big game. That is stooping too low in order to try to secure yourself a win. Winning a sporting event should be done fair and square and not based off of tricks played on opponents to keep them from even getting to play.

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