• Yes, Chicago is a dangerous place to live.

    Chicago has a high murder rate and many of those killed are innocent by-standers. I know the city has a history of violence and mob activity, but this past year the crime rate has soared. I have family nearby, but am reluctant to travel there due to safety concerns and all the murders.

  • Yes i agree

    Chicago is a dangerous place to live. This is evidenced by the beating of the old disabled man by four Americans. This means that the youths in Chicago are a crazy lot and this proves why the place is not conducive to stay. Something must be done to stop this.

  • Chicago is the worst.

    The violent crime rate in Chicago is absolutely out of control, and the city is only getting worse. I would never want to live there or raise my family there. It's ironic that it is also one of the most liberal cities, but these types of policies have not helped one bit.

  • No, it is not .

    The difference between this beating and millions that happen all over the world is that this one was broadcast on facebook live so that millions of people were able to see it. Unfortunaltey this kind of thing happens all the time in places around the globe and people just don't know.

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