Discuss your level of agreement with fireworks in the UK

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  • What are your views on consumer fireworks?

    The pyrotechnic industry in the UK has been subject to a range of controversy with some for and others against fireworks. Both sides have a multitude of reasons for their beliefs, with some being founded better than others.

    My view as someone who enjoys fireworks is that there are already enough restrictions, if not too many, upon their use. We have seen the power of consumer fireworks diluted over the years and the prices rise phenomenally. Furthermore, we face the issue of those who misuse fireworks causing hatred to be directed at those who use fireworks safely and are considerate. Firework related injuries are mostly self inflicted as a result of misuse, and therefore can be remedied with a greater emphasis on education. The impact fireworks have on wildlife and pets is greatly exaggerated - being similar to a thunderstorm, and although it may cause some temporary stress it is not significant. Roads claim the lives of significantly more pets and wildlife compared to fireworks. However, I sympathise with those suffering from anxiety, PTSD or similar conditions which can be worsened by the noise of fireworks. However, most fireworks are used around the bonfire season so the impact will only be a small window. Why should a few anxiety sufferers prevent thousands more from enjoying a longstanding tradition by celebrating the light and power of fireworks?

    Please outline and explain your stance on the issue of fireworks (mainly consumer) within the UK. Please try to ditch the cliche arguments, both for and against, because it would be good to have a useful discussion which can help find a balance between those against and those for fireworks.

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