Discussing Controversial Issues in classes.

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  • We need more critical thinking

    In college especially, it is imperative to bring up controversial topics. Not only will it allow us to hear various viewpoints on current issues, but it might hopefully motivate some people to examine and reconsider their own beliefs (critical thinking). My college life inspired me to be a more critical thinker.

  • Should Controversial Topics be Discussed by Instructors?

    Usually, instructors avoid speaking about controversial topics since they lead into many disagreements between students or even worse having the instructor fired or some students getting bullied by others who have different opinions. From my perspective controversial issues have to be discussed in schools and universities for four good reasons.
    The first reason is that , controversial topics enhance analysis and critical thinking and help students develop better study and problem solving techniques; for instance: in 1992 The University of Berlin conducted a study on both high school and elementary school students who were exposed to controversial issues scored higher on their exams than the ones who weren't. The second reason is that, through out every country they are included in the curriculum, and many of the topics have been proven to be true i.e. : the theory of evolution. The third reason is that children want learn about everything because when they become adults they will be working in professional environments which requires them to be educated and handle harsh topics. The fourth reason is that children hold the future and they will be forced with making tough decisions and responsibility when they mature enough because repression will cause failure ; for example: Eastern countries are a failure because no one is allowed to think for themselves; Another example is that sex education should be taught by parents and not by pornography or abstinence since societies with no sex education have a high rate of rape, child molestation.
    In conclusion, controversial topics need to be openly discussed. I recommend for educators to start discussing them openly by speaking about both sides.

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