Disease in Africa: Do health missions put the US at risk of spreading disease?

  • Health missions are putting the US at risk of spreading disease

    In many cases, disease spreads through human interaction. It is not secret that there are many diseases that are currently running rampant through Africa. While I applaud the US for attempting to assist in these situations it undoubtedly puts the US at risk of spreading these diseases. While I am sure the people who are on these missions are heavily screened before entering back into the US, there is never a guarantee that one person may slip through. That would be all it takes to start spreading the disease here in the US.

  • Yes, I believe it does.

    There is a doctor that has ebola and his family returned to the United States just a few days before he was diagnosed. They could have easily transferred the disease to the United States and that is a terrifying prospect. I think there should be a better screening process to enter the States after helping an outbreak area.

  • Yes because they come back

    Yes, they do because when these people come back they have been exposed to so many diseases and they don't know until weeks later if they have the disease or not. Even if they don't they become carriers for the disease and it more than likely stays dormant in their systems.

  • Those people are health professionals

    Before leaving a affected area doctors have there blood taken, which would show if they contracted the disease in 2 to 3 days, And Ebola can only be transmitted through blood or other bodily fluids, and that's only if it gets in cuts,eyes or under finger nails that's it, also even if it got state side FEMA would quarantine the area.

  • No, heath officials are professionals who know what they are doing.

    No, heath officials are professionals who know what they are doing. I do not believe that just because health missions go to dangerous disease filled places on earth that it means they will return to the U.S. with that disease. I think they take all of the proper precaution to make very single thing go according to plan and regulation.

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