Dish-Disney Deal: Should cable companies be allowed to offer an option to skip commercials?

  • It is Time for the Exploration of Creative Alternatives in the Delivery of Entertainment

    Do you remember watching TV all those many years ago? The standard format was a 30 minute show or a one hour show, sometimes longer special presentations - complete with advertisements, which we all know paid for the delivery of the entertainment. Then, when we went to the movie theater, we expected to pay for our entertainment.

    Life has changed. With digital technologies as the new "roadway," both the producers and transmitters of entertainment must find new and better strategies to ensure their financial success as well as providing quality entertainment for the public.

  • The technology is there.

    Yes, cable companies should be allowed to offer an option to skip commercials, because they should be able to provide a product to their customers in any way that they can. If that makes cable more attractive to customers, they will sell more cable packages. It will also lower the cost of airing a commercial.

  • Commerical Credits Could Be The Future

    This is something that I've been thing about for a while myself. I hate commercials but I know that companies want the money that comes from the ad space and will fight tooth and nail to keep them. So just compromise and make consumers have to watch ads either on their TVs, PCs or anything that can connect to the Internet. This will earn them a credit that they can use to watch shows commercial free. Wouldn't work for live TV but it's something.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    Without advertising I'm not sure how new shows of even existing ones would be able to stay profitable. Either way advertisers are going to reach their customers. Either through commercials or through product placements in shows. I would much prefer a commercial to an episode of my favorite show that is focused on Mcdonald's or coke or Honda.

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