Dish faces potential fines totaling $24 billion: Is Dish Network the worst company for satellite television and internet?

  • Dish Network is the worst

    Anybody who has dish network for their tv or internet is a sucker. Their programming is terrible, you get a bunch of worthless programming that nobody wants to watch. To top it all off it's very overpriced. The fact that they're in trouble for making illegal phone calls to potential customers is almost comical. So stay away from Dish Network unless you want to be taken advantage of.

  • Dish Has Abused Customer Trust

    Customers have trusted Dish Network with their private information, and should receive both a service and respect as customers. By inundating customers with telemarketer calls and disturbing their home life, Dish have acted irresponsibly and do not deserve the trust customers have given them. Quality of product and service can be subjective between customers, but breaking customer's confidentiality is a step too far.

  • Yes, Dish Network is bad.

    I had Dish Network about two years ago as my primary cable TV and internet provider. The television was pretty shotty, and would not work at all during storms. The internet service as even worse. They put a cap on all accounts, and if they go over that data cap, they then charge a flat fee for every gigabyte over. This results in outrageous bills! Their customer service has no interest in resolving your problems.

  • Any television and internet company has fines

    I don't think Dish Network is the worst company for satellite television and internet and having fines doesn't cut it. Any company has fines to some government or other, sometimes those fines are fake or exaggerated for the government to make threats on the company. Dish Network is just trying to survive among a lot of companies.

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