Dismal quarter pushes Japan into recession: Is Japan's economy failing?

  • Yes, Japan's economy is in serious trouble.

    Throughout the economic world, many corporations are struggling to stay relevant and remain profitable in the face of constantly shifting markets, and especially of ever-changing technology. In Japan, which has always walked an intriguing line between cutting-edge technology and intransigent tradition and custom, this struggle is especially difficult, as innovation is not necessarily an inherent national trait.

  • Yes, Japan's economy is failing.

    Japan currently has one of the leading economies in the world. However, capitalism is an unsustainable economic and political system. If entirely dependent on corporate capitalism, all economies will fail, and Japan is a clear example of the beginning of this trend. A dismal quarter is indicative of a dismal future.

  • Yes, It is failling.

    Yes, I fully believe that Japan's economy is failling. It has been for a long time and Japan really don't have much good going for them like China is very good for its inventions therefore it has connections with imports and exports with every country because of that but Japan does not.

  • Related: Japan's economic revival is in jeopardy

    Japan's economy won't necessarily fail due to a looming recession. A critical factor is whether the economy can withstand a tax increase. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe must be able to make his decision on economic taxes stick. Solid growth needs to occur. There is still much growth potential for this economy.

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