Dismantling the Israeli security wall: Is Israel prioritizing security interests over interest such as rights, and is this wrong?

  • Agree, Israel is prioritizing security over rights. It is not wrong.

    I agree that Israel is prioritizing security over rights, but do not believe they are wrong in doing so. Given the scope of the conflict between Israel and other Islamic countries in the region, I do not feel it wrong for the population as a whole to make sacrifices. The war over Israeli territory has been going on for hundreds of years. There has never been, to my knowledge, a time of peace in the region. As far back as biblical times the area was constantly experiencing shifts in power and groups looking for control. This will never end. Therefore, dismantling the security wall would just leave Israel more vulnerable to breaches in security, which could have far a more negative impact on the population as a whole over sacrificing the rights of the people.

  • No, security interests are important.

    No, Israel is not prioritizing security interests over rights, because the right to live freely and safely in Israel is the most important right. Israel does not have a lot of support from neighboring countries, and Israel needs to do what it has to do in order to protect itself. That is important to the rights of their own citizens.

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