Disney announces new 'Star Wars' films yearly starting in 2015. Is this overkill?

  • The Magic Is Gone

    Part of the magic and fun of "Star Wars" was the fact that it wasn't something that happened all the time, 24/7. It was a rare treat, and thus, it was always an event. I like both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy for different reasons, but they're also both flawed in their own ways. With the exception of "A New Hope," they were movies made independent of the studio system and felt very maverick and experimental in many respects. George Lucas made some bad mistakes, but all along "Star Wars" was always bucking the system while using it to expand and grow. That's no longer the case. That being said, the magic of seeing a "Star Wars" movie was rooted in the rarity of it. Disney is going to do what Disney does best: they're going to merchandise, over-expose and exploit the property to the Nth degree until it becomes as pedestrian and mundane as any other every-day property out there. Sure, money has to be made, but Disney is in it solely for the money. And it's already showing. You can't go 12 hours without seeing some kind of "Star Wars" paid-for news coverage or speculation writing on the franchise. Every day. All the time. 24/7. It's overkill. I'm hoping for a few entertaining films, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • It would be nice to watch another star wars movie.

    As long as they don't make it into a musical and make it all child friendly is should be okay. I'm a bit worried that the film will be like the present day films that only focus on the special effects rather than the plot and the characters like episodes 4,5 and 6. At least someone is bothered to still make Star Wars.

  • Why mess with a good thing?

    The Star Wars movie series was epic in its time and day. A revival of the old cast might just ruin the whole experience. That doesn't mean that a whole new cast should be hired for the film. Television shows and even books based on the series have almost ruined the Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, James Earl Jones (the list goes on) experience. Don't mess with what you've already got. For its time, 'Star Wars' had fantastic acting, fantastic affects, and a very lasting impression. Everyone knows the original was better than the story of Anakin Skywalker. Don't bring something else into the mix.

  • Overkill is not the word I would use.

    Like many purists, I thought the prequel trilogy was just a knife in the back of my childhood and good sense, combined. Qui-gon Jin? Awesome. Jar Jar? Indifferent. Anakin and his fairly pedophilic princess? Yeah, not a fan. Inventing the midiclorians (likely spelled wrong) to quantify the Force? Eh..Did not like, but I could see the reason for it. But continuing to push the franchise (and under the Disney umbrella, no less?) will simply take even more away from the original masterpiece and change it into something silly and gimmicky for kids. As a fan, find this horrible. But, from a business perspective? I can see the logic. But one movie a year is pushing dangerously close to Syfy channel quality.

  • As if Lucas didn't sell out enough when creating Episodes I through III.

    Let's face it- the newer Star Wars films were wretched. It wasn't just bad acting, awful dialogue, one dimensional or ridiculous characters, and trite storylines- it was the over-reliance on CGI and special effects rather than actual storytelling that killed the franchise. And what made those insults even worse was the ridiculously over-done buildup to the films.

  • Depends on the outcome

    The key is keeping the saga true to Star wars, without adding any "disney" elements. Now, I love Star wars, and perhaps the biggest fan you will ever meet, I feel that if they do this new movie right, that there will be a MAJOR SWrevival, which would be awesome to see.

    On the other hand, there is the risk that Disney will butcher the Movies, thus ruining my faith in Disney (even though i luv the disney renessaince moveis:), but if it had been left under Lucas, there was that risk as well.

  • Announcing the new Star Wars films two years early is not overkill.

    Announcing the New Star Wars early is a good way to build up the upcoming frenzy its going to cause. When the original movies came out, we were already prepared for the series of six. It took many years in the making, but they were so exciting, and the fact we knew so long in advance that they were coming, made it all the better.

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